Worried About Measuring Small Should I Be

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Naomi - January 27

ok I went in to the doctors and I am just 28 weeks she told me that she feels that i am measuring small so she ordered an ultra sound, according to the last ultra sound i had everything was fine, and that they still felt they were right on with the dates, the first ultra sound i had determined i was 6 weeks which still puts my due date with both ultra sounds at 4/20/05. i know it has to at least be that or the month before NO way i coulda gotten pregnant after july! took test in august and then went for blood work as well.my husband is horrified and thinks that there may be something wrong so he is not helping my concern, anyone know why i may be measuring small? (bear in mind that before i was pregnant i was only 5' 4" tall and 125 pounds.) Thank you for all your help and insight!!!!!!


Bigbelly#2 - January 27

Were you or your husband small babies? You could be measuring small for this reason. I know I was a bit concerned because my son's head was smaller than average for a few months after he was born......then I realized via the pediatrician- it was all normal......he was following my pattern- I had and still have a small head!! If doctor doesn't seem to think there is a problem, there probably isn't. Best of luck to you for a happy, healthy baby.


Naomi - January 28

I know my husband wieghed about 6 pounds when he was born. I was 8 pounds and 21 inches long. i have two sons one was 7 pounds 4 1/2 oz and 19 1/4 inches and the other was 8 pounds and 21 inches long. so maybe he will just follow in his fathers footsteps, His father is now 6'4". hehehe! Thank you!


aaron - February 7

i also am really small and im 37 wks still cant really tell if im pregnant or not,i weigh 140 and 5'10 tall i just look a little chubby.they told me im just carrying really well and sounds like u are to.good luck!


Naomi - February 9

well they decided it was just his positioning he is already head down, just not settled into the cervix. I have been having some awesome contractions lately but they don't come at regular intervals so they told me not to worry about it, I have noticed that as of late though i have been having loose bowels (sorry i know it is gross.) I am 30 weeks today and am hoping he hangs in there for at least another 6 weeks, I am not ready for him yet! still have things to do before he makes his entrance! he was 2 pounds 14 oz on the 2nd so we will wait and see how things go, I know my obgyn said she would like to send me for more ultrasounds to keep a close eye on things so we will see what happens, I also got a 3d pic of him WOW are they impressive!!!


Jodi - May 18

Don't stress over it. I measured small with my first and am measuring small again with this pregnancy (I'm 37 weeks along). I just ended up having a small baby. I too am pet_te (started out 100 pounds and am 5' 3"). Also, baby could just be laying weird in you or there are many reasons your measurements could be off. Most likely it's just that you are going to have a small baby! Good luck!



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