Worried About My Pregnancy

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Brandie - October 17

I just got off the phone with my doc's office. They want me to come in to see if I'm dialated, problem is I'm only 29 weeks. I threw up for the first time last night and started having contractions, I thought that they were braxton hicks at first, but Braxton Hicks are not suppose to hurt. The ones I was having made me remember the pain of giving birth to my first child. I'm getting scared. Plus my discharge has almost tripled in the past like 4 days and I thought that was normal and the nurse said that an increase like that was not normal. I'm worried about my baby. I don't want to have her this early and watch her suffer. Has anyone else had contractions like that, that were normal?


To Brandie - October 17

Try not to stress and I hope everything works out for you. (((Hugs)))


Brandie - October 18

I'm trying not to stress. Thanks for the hugs. Has anyone had painful Braxton Hicks?


Krissy - October 18

I have had some pretty painful braxton hicks and I got checked and nothing. i also have had alot of discharge since about 30 weeks.. hope all is well... good luck and god bless


Brandie - October 18

Thanks Krissy that made me feel better to know you got checked and turned out fine. But I thought braxton hicks were suppose to be painless.


Brandi - October 18

No Braxton hicks can HURT.


Christy - October 18

We talked about BH contractions in childbirth ed cla__s this last weekend and a lot of women said that they hurt! Mine can be uncomfortable, but not too painful. Still, you did the right thing calling the doctor. Have you been checked out and is everything okay? Let us know- hope all is well!


kimj - October 18

i have been getting them since about 27 weeks and some do hurt.... gl


Are these BH? - October 18

Hey, I get a really sharp pain in my lower stomach (like real low) sometimes, it comes and goes, somedays I feel it (not for very long, it's like a shooting pain then it fads then comes back and then goes away again) it usally will do this like 5 or 6 times and I won't feel it again for a week or so! Are these Braxton Hicks? With my first I do not remember Braxton Hicks, I delivered my daughter a month early, I DO remember how the contractions felt, but I never had Braxton Hicks that I recall. The pain I described does that sound like BH? Thanx. Good luck Brandie!


Brandie - October 19

To "are these BH" those don't sound like braxtons but then again I'm no expert. They could be. Usually your stomach will tighten, hold for a min. and then release. Thank you to everyone that is wishing me luck. I go in Saturday to get checked.



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