Worried About Weight

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J - September 6

Oh my gosh I have like 5 weeks to go and have gained 32 lbs. Everyone says I am all belly but I know this baby doesn't weight 32 lbs. and why do my thighs rub together when I walk? Is it too late to start and exercise regimen? I eat well I just don't understand all the extra weight? With my son I gained over 50 lbs. I am generally a small pet_te person! All this weight is driving me nuts and I'm getting too big for my maternity clothes!


Monika - September 6

How tall are you? I weighed 130 at 0 weeks and weigh 167 now at 40 weeks. You will be fine. If you gain 1 lb a week then you will be in the same boat as me. Don't worry. You will begin to loose your appet_te and walking is really good for you. Start walking now.


J - September 6

I am 5'2" I started out at 100 lbs. I chase my 3 year old around and clean my house it seems like that should be enough exercise!


Sonya - September 6

You have to remember, that although the baby doesn't way 32 pounds, you have the placenta, amniotic sac, b___st weight gain for milk production and some other stuff. It's all explained and broken down in the pregnancy books. Don't stress too much. I gained 50 with my son and I haven't really done anything different this time and I have only gained 27 at week 34, so who knows.


srd2b - September 6

I don't think that's too bad. You won't gain as much in the weeks to come. I'm 35 weeks also and have gained 32 pounds as well. I'm not too worried. It too late to start an exercise routine; however, it's NEVER too late to start walking. Plus it'll have induce your labor! Good luck!!


laura - September 7

hey, i will be 34 weeks on friday, and i have gained 32 pounds also. so if you cant start exercising, you can walk. im sick of feeling so d__n fat all the time. and i feel like i want to try and start getting back into shape now. if i eat well still and walk alot, is there any way that i can start loosing the weight already? i havnt gained any in the past 2 weeks so im hoping that the baby just is taking the weight i have already gained and puttin it on himself. i have a 2 year old, and i too, thought that cleaning the house, and chasing him around all day would be enough exersice also, but i guess it just aint making my thighs any skinnier. i thought for sure that at LEAST i could keep my arms tiny, from holding my son all the time, but even those now are starting to get bigger. i also gained like 47 pounds with my son. although, i wasnt 100 pounds. i was 118, with my son, and with this baby i was 125 when i found out that i was preg, again. i want to get back to that way soo bad, its killing me. i feel soooooooooo unnatractive. everytime i see a beautiful small girl , my eyes are glued on my husbands to see if hes watching her. im soo self~concious right now its not even funny. i know im gaining all the weight for the best reason in the world but i just wish i could be myself again realllly soon! anyone else going threw this same thing?


J - September 7

I know exactly how you feel all I can think about is getting back into shape! I can't take much more!



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