Worried Husbands Companions

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maya - March 3

Like all you pregnant women every day I feel different things. somedays my tummy is tight, somedays my bones hurt, otherdays I'm fine, and others I'm afraid and worried. Well it seems like I cant tell my hubby everything because he freaks out more than I do!!! Now he wont let me do anything.. !!!! I'm wondering whether I should just not tell him stuff. Are your husbands also overprotective like this???


Katie - March 3

No my but I wish my fiance would freak out sometimes but there is no reason for him to do so cause I think I freak out enough for the both of us:)


Kim - March 3

Not really, my dh has 7 sisters, and they all have kids. His mom used to be the "midwife" for their community, and she estimates she helped deliver about 200 babies (he grew up in a small town in Iraq,at the time, it was very common for women to give birth at home, and most of the time there were no doctors or even nurses available to a__sist with births.) Most of the women there still have their babies at home, but luckily, they are starting to receive better prenatal care and testing. Still, for the most part, women don't usually have babies in hospitals unless a c-section is required or if it is a multiple birth. Anyway, nothing really surprises my dh about pregnancy. He's pretty much seen it all!


maya - March 3

Kim, in fact this is our first baby.. we do have friends that have had children but still everything that happens to me makes him go 'aaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!". if we go for another one perhaps my husband will like yours not be too surprised!


Girl Gilly - March 3

My husband has been all over the map with emotions. I think he has been more hormonal than me! For the first 12 weeks of the pregnancy he didn't even want to talk about it as he was so worried I might miscarry. After the Dr gave us the go ahead he was telling everyone and anyone! Now, my Dr. has told me not to work and to take it easy. My husband is taking it very seriously. He hates doing dishes and he is actually telling me to go lay down and he will do them. For some reason, I don't even have to tell him anymore how i am feeling, he just knows. In the middle of the night last night I was feeling like c___p and he, who I thought was fast asleep reached over and held my hand. So, there are good sides and the "annoying" sides, but overall I am glad he is involved.


Kel - March 3

My hub isn't too bad, although my last apppointment my bp was up a little bit and the doctor didn't give me any restrictions, but last night he wasn't home and I was doing some stuff around the house. When he got home and asked me what I did, I told him and he was like "well, this is the last week of that" - I think he is starting to get more protective cause he knows the baby is almost here!


meme - March 3

My boyfriend admitted to me one time that he's often worried, but he says also that I "do enough worrying for the both of us"... so whenever I throw something anxious out there, he calms me. Deep down though, he starts to wonder too... he just does a great job of covering it up for my sake. He's a great guy. :)


Elle - March 3

I WISH!! My husband is an engineer so there is no room whatsoever for any emotion, only black or white FACTS. It's really getting old!!! Although on Valentine's Day we did end up in OB triage, thinking I was in labor, and he actually cried because it was too soon. He does get concerned, but I worry and stress a ton for both of us. He has to have strict facts before he makes any a__sumptions or freaks out. If only we could balance it out better....*Sigh.*


Karen - March 4

My husband is a rock most of the time and in fact sometimes I find a bit of a bother, particularly when I am having a "moment", when I do need him to empathize a bit more with me. I don't want to be told "its probably nothing" but instead it would be nice to hear sometimes "I understand your worry but I'm sure things are okay...we can look into it if its bothering you that much". There's no doubt I'm extra hormonal lately and emotional...so I am much more sensitive. I know he cares and he's with me every step of the way in preparing for baby...so I'm not complaining I just wish sometimes he'd say the "right" thing. But he's who he is and not a mindreader..so I cut him the slack. I know he cares a great deal because when he was a__sembling the crib and other furniture he was so darn excited...and when he completed it...he was so proud to show me. In fact I got all choked up and started to cry because it became so real to me...he gave me a warm long hug and when let go I could see tears in his eyes...he's as emotionally involved as I am but shows it in a different way...why should both of us be stressed and freaked out I guess... :o)


Rhonda - March 4

My fiancee is so wonderful,he has become so over protective of me with all my pregnancies.He wants to do to much for me.I cant even make any kind of slight noise without him saying whats wrong,you okay,need me to get you anything.I think it's sweet.



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