Worried Small Bump

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allison - October 20

I'm just visiting from the second trimester forum, I just thought some ladies might be able to put my mind at rest... all the books are claiming I should be "showing" I'm 23 weeks and I have a small bump, If you didn't know me you wouldn't think I was pregnant!! It seems I have put on weight everywhere else but my belly. I went to the dr. during the week and he isn't concerned, I keep thinking something is terribly wrong!! I have hardly any of the usual pregnancy complaints that I should be experiencing. Just need some reassurance.


Shannon - October 20

i'm 39 weeks now and nobody commented that i looked pregnant until this last month or two. before my 7th or 8th month i just looked "heavier". don't worry about not looking pregnant just yet. if ur doc isn't worry you shouldn't either


jo - October 20

I didn't start showing til I was 6 months, and even then, it was only a small bump. I'm now 38 weeks, and have been told that my baby is full term, yet I'm still wearing normal non maternity shirts. I'm definitely showing, but am far smaller than normal. My dr recommended an ultrasound this week to be sure the baby was okay, and he's fine, normal size. So don't worry, everyone carries differently. I should also add that I too, have had few complaints, even at this late stage...no problems sleeping, bach aches, heartburn, swelling, etc. I feel as I did a month or two ago...perfectly fine. So if you're in the same boat, just enjoy it!!


13 - October 20

Although i am sure you are frustrated right now, you will be thanking god when the end is near. I, on the otherhand started showing right away. I have had sever back and hip trouble through the entire pregnancy. It has not been fun at all. I have a humongous basketball sticking right out in front of me. It is very painful. I am sure you will start to show more in the 3 rd trimester.


Georgia girl - October 20

Same here, I did not really start to show until like 6 1/2 months! I felt like an odd ball for a while because I know 2 other girls that are also pregnant and due around the same time, I was around them alot because our hubby's are childhood friends. Anytime we were all together and around other people everyone would comment on their stomachs and ask them how they felt and so on while I just sat there not getting asked about because no one would even realize I was pregnant until one of the my friends pointed it out!! It might sound stupid, but my feelings would always be hurt because no one ever asked me how my baby and I were doing. I am glad to be showing finally!


allison - October 20

thanks ladies, just needed to know I wasn't the only one! I'm just thankful that she lets me know she is ok with her little thumps during the day. Can't hardly wait til I'm in third trimester!!



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