Worrying About Baby Movement

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Angie in MI - February 9

I can't stop worrying about the decrease in baby movement. I'm 35 weeks and the last few days she has been moving alot less and when she does move, it feels different. If I get too worry I press down on my stomach alittle and she kicks back as if to say mommy I'm ok leave me a lone. Its not that I don't feel her, but it is a lot less. I know that I'm having a big baby! She weighed 6.bs 3oz last week on the ultrasound, so I'm thinking she is just running our of room. what do you think? My doc didn't seem worried but I can't stop!


julieB - February 10

I have the opposite problem . I am also 35 weeks and my little one moves too much I wondered if he will ever sleep.. My doctor said that he should be slowing down because he will not have enough room to move around so forcefully.. My doc says it will be more like squirms and wiggles.. I am still waiting for that.. Dont worry your baby is probably big and cramped.. good luck ..


Kel - February 10

I'm not sure of the size of my baby, but she has decreased in her movements as well. I am almost 33 weeks. My doctor wasn't concerned at all. She is also side ways so the feeling I do feel aren't as forceful. I'm guessing she is running out of room cause when she does move, its like she is moving every organ in my body! My stomach is getting so tight so I'm guessing she is running out of room.


Daytona - February 12

I am 32 weeks..and my baby still moves alot..but its not as kicky...its more like a squirmy thing..today i think i pushed her foot down..she didntlike that..


anita - February 12

i'm also 35wks and the movement feels different to me too...its alot of squirmind around and it's starting ot get painful. you baby is bigger than mine, so i think she is just running out of room. as long as she's still moving some, she should be fine.


a bird - February 12

At 35 weeks, they're running out of room to have such vigorous movements. They're curled up in a fetal position while taking up most of the space they used to flail so freely in.



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