Worrying About Everything

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savannah07 - November 5

Since I've gotten pregnant I worry about getting hurt, it's like I feel like I have to watch everything around me...Is this normal? I am 32 weeks...


whatisgoingon - November 5

Yep, I am right there with you Savannah! I am 33wks tomorrow Wed 7th. This is my first baby & ever since I found out I was pregnant I was so cautious/protective! I still am! I think when you are carrying your offspring you are set into motherly overdrive & have this uncontrollable urge to make sure him/her is as safe as possible. I stopped going to the gym in my first trimester as I was so scared that might have made me loose him, lol. Looking back now I know that was a little OTT but oh well. Even now I try not to push myself and am very careful when driving or outside the home. We are looking after a very prescious cargo remember, so I dont think we could be called crazy for being extra careful at this point. :)


alirenee86 - November 6

I've never been like this either until about my second tri-mester...but I worry SO MUCH about my husband and wanting him just safe at home with me every night!! Is that crazy? I mean, I'm of course safe and cautious with myself, I just feel like I worry about him and for no real reason whatsoever. It's all the motherly thing like you said...


Anathi - November 6

I really thought I was alone on that one after my loss last year I worry about tiny little things like now I just realised some mild swelling on my feet and went to the clinic they told me its normall at this stage(32weeks) ITS NORMAL


whatisgoingon - November 6

lol the first sign of something new/different and I start researching online & wondering "is this normal". It's hard to not over-react & worry yourself silly, but I am keeping it in check. This is my first and like a lot of other women I am becoming nervous/anxious now at 33 weeks about what is to come. So far the pregnancy has been normal and myself/bub are perfectly healthy.. but it still doesnt stop your mind wondering "what if...". I just want my little man to arrive safe and sound, healthy and happy. I know what you girls mean also about your husbands & feeling the need to protect and make sure he is safe too. I get a bit stressed when my df goes out on his motorbike rides or in the car - it's a bit daunting. We go on a trip down the coast to see my family this weekend - 12hrs approx journey and I am very nervous about the car trip. But we cant become hermits now can we?! :)


savannah07 - November 7

Ok good I thought I was the only one out there...I worry about everyone and everything...But I'm glad that I'm not the only one out there and thanks for all the reply's...



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