Worst Place For Water To Break

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Evonna - June 11

What is the worst place you wouldn't won't your water to break? I would say i would not wan't it to break in the Mall & during intercourse.


lianne - June 11

lol! i dont know why you would be at one...but what if it broke during an interveiw? how embara__sing! this is funny! i also was thinking of during s_x...but you beat me to it!


Cabbie - June 11

I taught third grade when I was pregnant with #1. I so worried about my water breaking while I was at school, especially in front of my cla__s.


Jenn2 - June 11

this may be a funny question...but what do you do when your water breaks....if its a slow trickle? Do you put on a maxi pad, or is that dangerous b/c of the chemicals in the pad? I imagine you have to do something b/c when you go to the hospital you dont want stuff all over your pants when you show up and are checking in?


Cabbie - June 11

Mine broke with #2 in the middle of the night. You don't have a choice about your pants being wet because mine gushed out and continued to do so on the way to the hospital (70 miles away). I wrapped a towel around me like a diaper. I seeped all the way to the hospital, then when I got out of the car it gushed again and then again when I got to my hospital room. Its just one of those things you deal with. For mine, a maxi pad wouldn't have held 1/100 of what came out.


ashley - June 11

Jenn2-my water broke with my daughter first.. (which they claim doesn't happen that often, who knows) any way it was 2am I got up to go pee and went to the fridge to get a drink and felt a small little leakage. Felt like I had pee'd a little. That is infact what I thought I had done. So I cautiously went to my room, changed my undies and laid down and when I laid down it flowed. I got up very quickly and ran and sat on the toilet and it flowed out for a minute or two in the toilet then I put a pad on.


Olivene - June 11

I am afraid my water might break in a movie theatre, restaurant or in a friend's car- somewhere upholstered could be very bad! Odds are it won't break before we get to the hospital, though. Fingers crossed!


mommie2be - June 11

I plan on working until I go into labor... but my fear is that it will happen at work. I guess I'm asking for it.


starr - June 11

I'm afraid it will happen in any public place.grocery store,church,etc.With my first I was at home,with my second they broke it in the hosp.Since I only have 6 days until my due date I try to stay close to home.



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