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jennifer_33106 - September 25

haha You know, I was'nt so scared of labor til I started reading about tearing and other complications. Out of curiousity, With the whole tearing thing, I keep hearing about pet_te small frames tearing. If haha your like me and just average does that mean I am less likely to tear or need to be cut? haha I am seriously starting to fear labor. haha And I am only half way there.


Pearl - September 25

I am 5'7" and a size 12ish (depends really) so I am far from little, but I had to have a c section with my first and second due to the head being too large to fit through my pelvis (My first was 7 pounds 6 ounces and my second was 5 pounds 9 ounces). I couldn't progress in labor past 6 cm. My sister on the other hand (about the same size as me) gave birth to a nearly 8 pound girl without one tear or cut! I think it just depends. I don' tknow how you can tell until you get there. When the time comes, I'm sure that will be the last thing on your mind! Good luck!


claire83 - September 25

im five foot eight size 14 at present, when i was pregnant with my first i was size 10 and my daughter was born 8lb 6oz i tore but i didnt feel it, with my second i was size 16 my daughter was born 9lb 6oz i tore again but didnt feel it, with my third i was size 14 my daughter was born 8lb 2oz i did not tear yay lol i thought i would with the previous tears but i found if i pushed gently when baby was crowning it did help to not tear, im pregnant with my fourth daughter and hoping i will be ok again


skylite - September 25

I am 5'8 and size 11, with my pregnancy I started to tear so they cut me, but obviously didnt feel a thing from the epidural, and he was 8lb 2oz... They just told me they were going to cut me so I would not have an eneven tear, I said do what you go to do... GL, I am 32wks with my 2nd and feel that it will probably be the same case, but you never know.


Mrs.Steve - September 25

Well, I can't tell you about tearing, but I can tell you that with dd I was cut. But I had NO IDEA at all when they did it. DD's dad said that the dr told me she was going to do it, but I wasn't listening at the time. When it came time to sew me up, I remember asking "Sew me up...for what?" Compared to pushing the baby out, it really was nothing (to me, anyway). I had no care in the world.


jennifer_33106 - September 25

So its not as bad as it sounds? haha thats a relief. I just had this image in my mind about like violently tearing open, Good to know that it is not as bad as it sounds. Thank you guys!!!


DDT - September 25

I am 5'5" and size 8-9 pre-pregnancy (size 10-12 during my pregnancy). My baby boy was 7 lbs 4 oz when born and I torn inside and out (2nd degree). I has quite a lot of st_tches. I was in the pushing stage of the labour for 2.5hrs. Total labour being 19hrs. I don't think there is any way you can be certain you will or will not tear. During the labour I felt NO tearing whatsoever (I did get an epidural though), and when I was being stiched up I did feel it a bit because the epidural was wearing off.


DDT - September 25

BTW it was very sore down there for about 2-3 wks after the labour. I couldn't walk for very long (10-15mins) before I started aching and burning down there.


mrssolo - September 25

For me the worst part was the itching afterwards. It not really somewhere you can scratch. But stiches itch. I would wiggle around in my chair and ds father would start yelling "stop itching".


jeni23 - September 25

You wont nessarly tear every time or at all,My first was 8lbs 2 oz and I tore,im 5 '1 and pre preg im 110 lbs.I wear a size 3 on average,my second achild was 6 lbs 11 oz and I didnt tear or swell or anything,my third and most recent baby was 6 lbs 14 oz and I swelled but still no tearing,Everytime is diffrent,I agree on the itching being the worst of the st_tches tho!!!!


docbytch - September 25 experience was similar to Mrs Steves...I am 5'8 and was about a size 6-8 when I got pregnant with my dd. During pushing...which hurt like hell due to her posterior presentation...I didn't feel ANYTHING when the doc cut me. If I recall...he had to cut me completely too... My dd was 9lbs...and in fact...after she came out and he was st_tching me didn't phase me one little bit. It really is nothing to fear at all. I imagine tearing may be the same feeling. However..if you have an epidural the pain will be greatly lessened in every way.


DaBonkElsMe - September 25

Learn kegel exercises, they are known to help stregthen the v____al muscles to help prevent tearing during labor. Never too late to start doing them.


chickiepoo9 - September 25

I dont think it has to do with the size of your body but the size of your baby and your pelvic area i am average size 5,7 125 pounds my son was 8 pounds 6 oz and i tore pretty bad i would have never known though generally i think you would tear as baby is coming out and that hurts more! i wish you luck dont be scared it a few hours of pain and you get a lifetime of happiness!


inuk-mama - September 25

Jennifer, don't worry about the tearing part. It doesn't always happen. With my first I tore and only needed one st_tch. I didn't feel the tear and they gave me laughing gas before stiching so i didn't feel anything. With my second i was worried about tearing but the hospital I delivered at actually prides themselves on a low rate of tearing among delivering mothers.


Nurs2b21 - September 25 they not numb you to put the st_tches in if you tear?? You said you felt it a little bit and now I'm scared! haha...I thought they would at least numb you


DDT - September 25

Nurs2b21: Now that you mention that I do remember the doc putting a needle down there. I had totally forgotten about that until you mentioned that! weird...Yes, they did numb it but I could still feel it. It wasn't painful but I could feel him stiching. This was all happening while I was so focused on my baby boy. You're on a high. It didn't bother me that much. Getting the placenta out hurt quite a bit though...because the doc was pushing very hard on my stomach to get it out...and when he pulled it I felt it all! Very weird! Not painful, but I was aware of the feeling...It was quite funny because as the doc was st_tching me up he jokingly asked my df if he wanted him to make my "hole" smaller. I df wasn't that impressed. LOL.


Nurs2b21 - September 25

hahah oh my word I can't believe the doctor said that! I would be



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