Wow You Re Big

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Ragaloo - June 14

Is anyone else getting tired of hearing that you are getting big. Like you didn't know!! It was kinda nice to be told that I looked once in a while and how tiny for the first 6 months, and all of a sudden, now in the 3rd trimester, i just ballooned - and h__lo ! I did notice. I didn't need everyone and their sister to tell me? How are you ladies feeling for size ?


dee23 - June 15

actually dh's sister came up to me the other day and said i look the same as the last time i saw her! i wasent happy cause i thought well, that was 10 weeks ago, i was 25 weeks now im 35 weeks...and she thinks i look the same............gosh i would rather the truth than some very obviously obseen lie.


AppleCake - June 15

It seems people have lost the power to have normal conversation with me, and now only make the same comment on my tummy every time I see them. "your getting bigger" No! Is that supposed to happen?!


Nita_ - June 15

lol! I get that comment all the time these days!! And now that I'm so close to my due date (26th june) and still come in to work (not everyday!), I get it even more! I'm tired of the 'didn't have your baby yet?' comment as well!!


Ginny - June 15

That happened to me, too! I worked right up until I had my baby and all of my regular customers would say (sometimes EVERYDAY) "Had that baby yet?" So I started answering, "Yep, just popped her out on my way to work, but I thought I'd just come in anyway." I even stopped answering my phone because of all the well meaning family and friends. But I made a promise to myself that I would compliment every pregnant woman I meet from here on out. So- Ladies, you are glowing and you look fabulous!!!!


Athom - June 15

I know what you guys are talking about.. I just cry sometimes because people drive me nuts... I'm HUGE pregnant, and being a smaller person doesnt help my belly look any smaller, the baby had no where to go but out! So everyone has taken upon themselves to tell me how huge I am, and since 34 weeks preg... EVERYONE has been saying "Still here?!, You havent had that baby yet?" I kept telling them well I do have 6 more weeks left.. or whatever I had.. anyways.. I havent been answering my phone either because everyone is calling wanting to know if I'm in labor. I'm thinking of changing my answering mach to say.. "If your calling to see if I've had the baby or if I'm having contractions today.. please hang up and try your call again in 6 weeks, if your calling for any other reason please leave a message. I'm glad you posted this.. I thought I was going crazy!


Nita_ - June 15

Ginny - aawwww you are so sweet! But your response to the questions made me laugh!! I might use that next time somebody asks me the same old question! lol


Emily - June 15

I had a guy at work when I was only about 4-5 months preg, say are you packing agin? (I work in an office of a garage full of men, so the way he siad it didn't phase me) I just answered, well my mom jsut says I am gfetting fat! he said well congrats.. It is funny how people lose all normal proper behavior around pregnant people. My sis in law keeps calling want ing to know how I am. Last time she came over the day I happened to be in labor and didn't leave all day,. and then she camped out in the labor room until my mom and three nurses told her to beat it. Now she keeps telling people I dont' even know, she's dropped, she will have the baby any time! I am like, They don't care! and I dont' want you to blab to everyone I know or dont' know! I am being induced on Monday and we have elected not to tell her. We told my family and all of dh's family except her and they all know not to tell her......


Erynn21 - June 15

It's funny because I popped out @ like 3mo. and have gradually grown since then so it's not like bam, but @ 4 mo. I had another woman who was pg also(due 2months before me) tell me I was huge. She is a really pet_te person and we couldn't even tell she was pg. Actually everyone in the room fell dead silent like they couldn't believe she said that, and she was pg herself. My former co-worker saw me the other day and was like come see me when you've grown, I just am gradually gettin bigger, now @ 29 wks I look similar to when I was 24, it's weird. I was all big @ first and have just slowly kept growing, I feel like I'm ready to have a big gowth spurt. Ppl just can't say something normal to pg women they always have to be haven't had your baby, are you due any day, bla,bla,bla...I did have a guy ask me about a month ago how many days I had left I was like I have 3months, although I must say I did look kinda big that particular day. Anyway, we all are doing something beautiful and natural, and we are not fat, so all those ppl who make dumb comments can shut up...


Tjane - June 15

I know what you mean, and I absolutely LOVE the comment i get the most "Wow you must be due any day now" and Ive been getting that for a month now and I sitll have 5 more weeks to go!!!! I have gained 75 lbs so I understand but its the same people, same comment all the time....!


Lil_Mamma - June 15

Thank you so much for posting this!!! I seriously thought i was abnormal! I also popped out in my 3rd month... but everyone at work keeps asking me... are you sure your not having twins?.... Of course there are 10 other women here in my office that are pregnant, so everyones comparing their bellies and of course they make it a huge compet_tion! I burst into tears at one occation.. One of the women who is 2 days ahead of me remarked that I was quite a bit bigger than her.... Another girl replied to her "Yah well.. You were skinny before you got pregnant" ... We were the exact same size before we were pregnant... I was heart broken that someone would say that infront of me..... This is not a compet_tion!! I dont care what anyone says anymore about my size, Im just going to enjoy this while it lasts:) My husband says Pregnant women are the most beautiful things on earth....I agree:) So enjoy ladies!


marie - June 15

I'm BIG too.. I popped after 10 weeks :( and now I'm measuring 2 weeks ahead. I'm now 34 weeks but belly is 36 weeks. Check it out under my belly pix at I'm still gaining weight but not as much as I did during my 3rd-5th month. Ginny ~ that's smart, I would use that the next time they tell me I"m big.. which is probably tomorrow at work ;)


Kspa - June 15

Oh yeah...I hate the comment too. Once you are pregnant you will know to NEVER say that to another pregnant woman. I think we are more sensitive to it too and lots of people don't mean any harm. I get really frustrated w/ it because my Dr is constantly telling me I have a basketball belly (I am all belly and haven't gained anywhere else). Then people at work at always telling me I am huge when I've got 7 weeks to go. It's like they have never seen a pregnant lady before! I feel like I can't wear any clothes that may make me look bigger b/c work people will comment even more. And man I hate it when people say I look like I could go into labor at any minute....they just don't know what they are talking about. I know I never said anything like that before I was pregnant! Of course all my friends say nice things to's the strangers that are rude.



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