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Maddie - May 4

Hey everyone. I am going to my 34 week appointment tomorrow, with my mom and we're going to be sure to ask my midwife all the questions I can think of, as I haven't done so already. Has anyone written a birthplan? Is it necessary, adn if so...what should I include? Thanks so much...


Kymmi - May 5

Maddie~ That's a great idea, although not completely necessary. I never wrote a birth plan for any of my pregnancies. Chances are you'll forget it or things will change when you get there.


Fabienne - May 5

Oh - it sounds like we're at the same stage in pregnancy ! I'm also going to my 34 week appointment tomorrow ! I have started writing a birth plan. I asked my doctor about it and she said that I could find one on the internet. Just do a search: enter "birth plan" in the search section and several links will come up. You just need to check the boxes that matches your wishes and voila ! print it out and give a copy to your doc and one to the hospital. When is your due date Maddie ?


Maddie - May 5

Fabienne, my due date is June 2nd. I'm so excited...it's weird, cause I feel so ready to have the baby now...but of course, i'm not full term. Are you having a boy/girl? Mine's a little boy...his name is Caden, and I can't wait. I asked my midwife if I should write a birthing plan, and she kind of shrugged it off. I guess it's not a big deal, but I really want one, so i'm gonna. There are things that are important like...do you want them to feed your baby a bottle? (I don't) Do you want a catheter? (No), Do you want your husband to cut the cord? (yes) Things like that are important to me. I also heard that having an oxygen machine close by for when you start to get tired of pushing...helps SO much...I heard it revs you right back up, so I'm gonna ask for that too! When are you due?


tara - May 6

I thought those are things that they ask you and you can just answer them - but I guess having it written down is a good idea and it'll be a good to keep it for later years when you look back. Have anyone heard of when it's good to clamp the umbelica cord? I read on the net that it's good to wait until the baby takes the first breath but not all docs/midwives what for this and they clamp right away - just wondering if anyone knows anything about this?


Lyssa - May 7

I didn't write one. But make sure to speak up and tell the nurses what you want. When my baby was having trouble latching on, a couple nurses whispered that they were going to put a tube down his throat. I said "No! We'll keep trying and if it doesn't work, I'll give him a bottle!" And when I said I didn't have to pee, they whispered they were going to put a catheter in. I overheard them and said "No! I said 'I don't have to pee', not 'I can't pee!'" Jerks! Seems like they just wanted to do what was faster/easier for them!



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