Wrong Quot Boy Quot Predictions Via Ultrasound

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Lisa - June 17

Has anyone been told that they were having a boy by the doctor or radiology technician but ended up or is going to have a girl? Did you see on the ultrasound what you thought were boy parts?


Maddie - June 18

I think when they say "it's a girl", there's always a chance that the "boy part" is hiding. But, when they say "it's a boy" it's usually for sure cause they actually SEE the p___s.


Sindel - June 18

Well my friend was told she was having a boy and ended up with a girl. She was surprised about that let me tell you. She had to exchange everything she got from her babyshower to girl stuff. So it does happen on occasion. =)


rae - June 19

My first us I had said boy but everyone kept telling it could be wrong . So I had another one done and they were sure it was a boy so I feel safe to buy boy stuff.


Mimoza - June 20

Depends from gestational week. If after week 20th they say you are having a boy, than in my opinion it is for sure...


BBK - June 20

Yes, a very good friend of mine now has a 20 month old daughter who wore blue outfits when coming home from the hospital. I have some cute pictures of the event! I guess a girl wearing blue is not as bad as a boy wearing pink :-)


Kara - June 20

I was told boy at 12 weeks, 18 weeks and 24 weeks, so i sure hope they can't all be wrong!


jane - June 21

how can an umbilical cord be mistaken for "boy parts?" This has happened to a few of my friends. I mean, doesn't the cord look long and continuous?


Jessica - June 22

For my ultrasound the tech actually showed us the difference between the cord and his p___s. It was very obvious he was a boy. The umbilical cord was a bit transparent around the edges and it was twisted - very different from his parts. But you just never know.


Winter - June 23

I was told at my 13w u/s that it looked like a boy, then at my 20w and 27w u/s that it looked like a girl because they did not see the boy parts (then again my baby's legs were closed) and at my 34 w u/s the tech said a boy. So we had the u/s tech tape the whole thing.


robin - June 23

I had a 3D US and it's for sure that I am having a boy


Mari - June 23

yeah I had a 3D ultrasound at 21 wks and they told me it was a boy, in the video she showed us his t______es, p___s, and umbilical cord, I even asked her twice if she was sure it was a boy and she said, it was a 99.9 % accurancey on this typed of ultrasounds, I hope she is right, if not oh well!! I would still love my baby, eventhough i would have to exchange a lot of things


nini - June 24

Technology is better these days cause ultrasounds are alot more clear cause when i had my daughter in 99 they told me that she was a boy and man was i suprised.Ihave noticed that now in 00's the ultrasound machines are more updated and you can pretty much even tell yourself.The later you have the ultrasound the chances are more accurate.With this pregnancy they told me taht i'am having a girl twice and i can defintely tell.


Chris - June 25

Well, I know technology is better these days, but what about my friend who had a baby last month and was told that she was having a boy but ended up taking her baby girl home in blue clothes. She was shocked. She was going to a naval hospital and they have the best and updated technology...especially the ultrasound machines. She was told by the doctor. I was just wondering...how do you explain that?


Christina - June 26

Ask WHY they say it's a boy or girl. if they say it's a girl because they don't see a p___s then DONT rely on that. With my 2 girls, they showed me 3 lines (dont know exactly what they were) And remember that until around the 20th week, the baby basically doesn't even have genitalia so if the tech tells you boy/girl, you need to REALLY question their expertise.


mel - June 28



* - June 30




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