Yea I Know It Was Wrong

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RayRay - October 26

Hey yall. Ok my period came on the 19th of every month. I was always regular, maybe a day earlier or later, but I could always count on it that date. In March, I never got my period, and didn't have it till April 1st. And that had never happened, I have never been that late on a period. I took a pregancy test 2 days b4 April 1st, and it said negative. Honestly, I can not remember if my period was as long as it usual is (which is about 7-10 days) or if it was lighter than usual, cause I was just happy to get my period. On April 23, I cheated on my bf, one time. Than on May 16th, I found out I was pregnant. Now I know the best way to solve this would be a pregnancy test, but what are the chances of my baby being my bf's, or the one night stand? I'm due on Jan 6th. This has been bugging me. Thank yall for any info!


RayRay - October 26

Oh yea according to caculators, it said my conception date was April 15th, but with my period being the way it was that period of time, I didnt know how accourate that would be. But like I said, my period has always been on time, and except for that one time never late!


lisa - October 27

according to the books if your due 6th jan you should have concieved 14th april, is your dating from ultrasound? you can rely on irregular periods to work out when you concieved, the most accurate would be to look back at the last few months of periods and count from then bearing in mind the average fertile days are around day 14/15 (day no one being the first day of your last period) so if your usualy have your period 19th your cycle isnt average 28 days more like 30 and you prob are fertile around 2nd /3rd month, its a risky old business though, id want solid proof, cannot you not somehow get tested to see, or do you have to ait till the birth, cos if this baby is not your boyfriends he has a right to know.


Jane - October 27

you should ask this question on the general pregnancy forum. There you will get many more answers than here. This is kind of a slow forum. Good Luck.


Ray - October 27

Oh yea speaking of that..when I went to my ultrasounds the baby was measuring right for that week, I'm measureing exactly what I should be. So they never moved the due date.



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