Yea I Need Some Tips

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babyonboard16 - March 1

I gained a lot of weight at the last appointment like 8 lbs and suggestions for healthier food that tastes good.


jessicaspatherapist - March 1

how about salads with avocados and some cheese. or whole wheat pasta and veggies with sauce and some cheese. just stay away from too much junk and i'm sure you'll be okay :)


missycc4 - March 2

How far along are you. I'm 40 plus weeks and I gained 11lb in two weeks and then another lb and a half in 4 days and my Dr doesn't seems to be worried. I gained 60 lbs all together. The ultrasound yesrterday showed she weighed 8 lbs 6oz. I eat well. I cut back on my breads and pasta. I don't drink pop and I have a coffee every now and then. I eat alot of whole grain and popcorn, stirfry, I started getting lean meat cost a little more but, We eat a lot of chicken and rice is good. try to bake your food. I grill if I can and I try to stay away from fried.


excited2bemama - March 2

I eat lots of cheese, popcorn ( i make my own without b___ter), pretzels, tons of oranges and apples, pears, hummus with crackers or carrot sticks, rice cakes, cottage cheese, yogurt, almonds, raisins- I snack constantly so I have lots of ideas- but seriously if you are eating healthy they don't worry about the weight.


mary b - March 2

I'm 39 weeks too and i gained about 60 lbs too and i ate right and exersized through out pregnancy...I like to think that a lot of it is water weight!


danimarie - March 2

Probably the best suggestion I can give you is to eat smaller amounts more often of healthy foods. Excited2bemama suggested a lot of really good healthy snacks. Honestly, there are going to be times that a huge greasy value meal from a fast food place is going to sound SOO much better than a salad with whole wheat pita bread. And it would probably taste a lot better too. But for me it all comes down to just having will power and eating the one I know is good for me and the baby. Unfortunately, I have found that most the time healthy food is not what I crave or what tastes that good to me, but I have been eating super healthy for the past month and it has really helped with my weight gain a lot. So I don't really have a good answer to your question. Usually once I eat the healthy food and I'm not hungry anymore then it doesn't seem bad. Plus, eating more often and not getting as hungry in the first place helps me a lot. Good luck!


Seal - March 2

Just to put you at ease, it is likely that all the weight you've gained is simply water weight. I gained 42 pounds during my pg and within 10 days after giving birth, I had lost 32 pounds. It was all water! Just continue to eat small, well-rounded meals about 5 or 6 times a day and try to relax. Your body knows what it is doing. You have to trust it. Good luck to you!


babyonboard16 - March 2

I'm 31 weeks...but I was on bed rest for 6 months, so now a lot of my strength is gone but I finally got permission to go swim so I think im going to do that


MAT - March 3

Eat less "junk" carbs. Instead, eat whole grains (brown rice, basmati rice, whole grain pasta). Eat lots of vegetables and lower fat meats. Very simple dishes can be quite tasty when prepared well. For a while, I craved chicken or pork with zucchini and italian seasoning. I just tossed it all in a pan and stir fried it. I also made chicken soup - I used low fat chicken broth, chopped up chicken b___sts and threw some veges in and cooked brown rice in. I also make baked chicken b___sts stuffed with dried roasted tomatoes (Let sit in hot water to soften for a few minutes). I'll add asparagus or cheese sometimes too. Roasted tomatoes also make chicken salad sandwiches taste a little more interesting. As far as snack foods are concerned, I usually have fruit. Just remember that the baby needs nutrients, so don't diet - as suggested, eating frequently is helpful too. Good luck!


babyonboard16 - March 3

thanks for the tips



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