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Tanaja - April 3

I was just wondering if anyone has experienced a yeast infection while pregnant and if you did what did you use that was safe? I am 32 weeks and I got one and my doctor's appt. isn't until tomorrow.


Tess - April 3

Most pregnant women are prone to yeast infection...and I think I might have one too. Im 33-34 wks pg. I haven't mentioned anything to my Dr. yet but Im guessing he or she will either give you an oral medicine or something you can buy over the counter to use "down there".


Nina - April 3

Get a good probiotic from the health food store, continue taking regularly for the rest of your pregnancy to keep the yeast away but you'll probably want to get something from your doctor as well to get rid of the infection faster. My doctor said only the creams are safe, nothing that gets inserted v____ally.


meme - April 3

I'm taking acidophilus supplements to keep them away. I had one earlier in pregnancy. The usual stuff didn't work to make it go away, so I reluctantly used a generic over-the-counter. But acidophilus (also found in yogurt) helps keep 'em away. Ordinarily, I would just insert a garlic clove. That works like a charm.


Tanaja - April 3

I've heard that you can douche with b___termilk, do you think that's alright? And a garlic clove? You stick it up there? for how long and dear Gawd isn't that uncomfortable??


MJM - April 3

You can use any over the counter treatments. It is just not too safe to do it before 12 wks. So you are in the clear.


Tanaja - April 3

Oh ok thanks so much for all of your input, I am just so frickin' uncomfortable. I'm glad that I've only had one this whole pregnancy because I have the tendency to get them a lot.


Tess - April 3

NEVER douche while ur pregnant. Its bad!


Cabbie - April 3

Please talk to your dr first to make sure it is a yeast infection and not a bacterial infection which needs antibiotics. They present pretty much them same. I had bacterial vaginosis at 20 weeks and was treated for it. It had the same symptoms as my previous yeast infections. The antibiotic then gave me a yeast infection which was treated with Monistat 3 day.


lucienne78 - April 3

i havebasically had a yeast infection my entire pregnancy and I'm 38 weeks. I've tried everything. My doctor told me to try Monistat 7, they prescribed v____al tablets, they prescribed v____al creams, everything you can think of, i tried. They also prescribed me a gel for a bacterial infection, even though the culture only showed a yeast infection. All of these would help for a couple of days and then come back. Then my doctor prescribed me diflucan and that got rid of it for 2 weeks. So then I just went back to the doctor and they gave me diflucan again, so that's where I'm at now. Gotta love being pregnant!


meme - April 4

Tanaja... no not uncomfortable at all. Even the largest garlic clove is way tinier than a tampon. I mean, don't stick the whole bulb up there! lol Just one peeled clove will do. Some might worry "How do you get it out?"... so I suggest stringing a piece of floss through it. But as I said, in pregnancy, the garlic clove didn't help. Guess it depends on how bad the infection's gotten. Pregnancy hormones are pretty powerful, as all of us know well.


Tanaja - April 5

Thank you I went to the doctor and he prescribed me monastat 7 for 2 weeks so we shall see if it's going to work, I didn't feel so horrible last night as I have been so maybe that's a good sign. I hate all of the crazy things that happen to me now that I'm pregnant. It's so dang frustrating



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