Yeast Infection This Late

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C - November 3

I have had alot of discharge for awhile (which I know is normal) I am due in 5 days and for about the past few weeks "on and off" I have been itching externally. (I know TMI but I need advice) also I have forbidden s_x because I have alot of discharge and it looks curdy sometimes, which grosses me out. When I mentioned this to my doc he told me it's normal and that I am probably being irratated from the panty liners and to treat it like a diaper rash?????? I think a woman knows when something is "not right" down there and I know after having 3 kids that I should not be this itchy right now. I also know that if I DO have an infection, when I have my baby it could be born with thrush. (white patches in the mouth) I am wanting to just go buy some yeast infection medicine over the counter and insert it with my fingers instead of an applicator. (which is what you should do if pregnant, right?) Anyone experience this?? What should I do?


C - November 4

Anyone????? Help!


Lesley - November 4

I had thrush (unknown to me) when I was giving birth to my 1st baby. And indeed he was born wih it too. It only took 2 days to clear properly. It may not be thrush that you have mind. I went through a stage not so long ago where I was really itchy and sore, and it turned out to be nothing but hormones makin me dry. If you want to use any medication you are best off getting it from you doctor, that way you are not treating something that is not really there. If he refuses to look ask your midwife to give you a swab. I had to get one of them took on Wednesday for the discharge I'm getting. I'm 12 days over now.


C - November 4

Lesley....Thanks for your reply! I know the itchy feeling comes once a week more or less, so not everyday. Where I live, we don't have midwives:( But I do see my doctor in a few more days (on my due date) and he said he'll be giving me an internal, so I guess I'll ask him to make sure I don't have any sort of infection before taking things into my own hands. 12 days over?? Wow! How are you feeling? If I do not have my baby within a week of my due date, I will be induced on the 17th - which will be 9 days over.



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