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durante baby - September 20

the white of my little ones eyes have a distinct yellow color to them...He tested fine for juandice in the hospital, and his skin color is perfect right now. Does anyone know what this could be, if its normal, and if I should be concerned? I called the Ped and the nurse said it is normal in newborns, but I dont trust Drs, they have given me too much false information in the past. Any clues to what this may be? He is about 3weeks old now.


fitzerin - September 20

I always heard that yellow eyes meant jaundice...hmmm interesting. I'll do a search online and let you know what I find out.


fitzerin - September 20

This is what I found: Jaundice is when your newborn has yellow skin and/or the whites of the eyes are yellow. Here are some of the common reasons for jaundice: Physiologic Jaundice. The baby's liver just isn't ready yet to get rid of the yellow pigment called bilirubin on its own. This type of jaundice starts when the baby is 2 or 3 days old. It goes away by the time your baby is 2 weeks old. This happens in about half of all babies. Breast-“non-feeding” jaundice occurs in the first few days of life when the baby is feeding POORLY at the b___st and does not get enough colostrum (the first milk). Breast-milk jaundice is rare. It is usually mild and a normal response to b___st milk. It starts when the baby is 4 to 7 days old. It may last 3 to 10 weeks. Blood Group problems. This occurs when the baby’s blood type has differences from the mother’s blood type. It can be serious, and usually starts the first day of life. How can I help my baby avoid jaundice? Feed Frequently! Approximately every 2-3 hours. This can help lower the bilirubin.


Tory1980 - September 20

Sounds definitely like jaundice - that is the major indicator of it. The fact he is now three weeks indicates prolonged jaundice and there is an underlying cause. I have had three babies all born with it and the last one tested normal in the hospital when he was three days old. I had to fight for them to test! A week later he was in the hospital again with me undergoing tests and we spent 10 days there. Are you b___stfeeding? Sorry for the personal questions but b___stfeeding can cause prolonged jaundice in newborns and is simply called 'Breastfeeding Jaundice'. No one knows why and the levels aren't usually high enough to cause any problems but this could be a reason why he is still jaundiced. Other causes can be if you had problems with your liver during the pregnancy (I had cholestasis with the last one and they finally agreed with me that this could be the trigger) or a possible urine infection. It is normal for babies to be born with jaundice and the eyes are the last to clear the colour. If he is still yellow around the eyes in a few days get him checked over - even if it means another blood test on him. I hated them but at least you will know definite numbers. Good luck and congratulations on your baby son!!


durante baby - September 20

see thats weird, cause he eats like a pig!! and he seems too old now to have jaundice...I first noticed the yellow eyes last night....and i would think i would have noticed it if it was there any longer....thank you for the info.


Tory1980 - September 20

Oh and if your blood group is different it can cause jaundice in the baby! Sorry forgot to mention it but they told me that with all of mine - they were all positive blood groups and I am A negative.


Tory1980 - September 20

If you have only noticed the eyes yeallowing last night I would take him to the Doctor asap - it's common for jaundice to be prolonged but not to suddenly show up. In my opinion I would get him checked over just in case.


Pearl - September 20

Some babies that have really dark skin end up with a yellowish-tint in the whites of their eyes...Hope that helps.


sarah21 - September 20

Please get it checked out. My friend had a baby about 4 months ago and she was jaundiced and had the whole yellow eye thing going on. Now she had super yellow skin so it was visible that something was wrong. She kept testing okay, but it turned out that she was nearly missing her liver and had to get her gallbladder removed and is now on the transplant list for a liver. I don't mean to sound paranoid but prolonged jaundice is serious and you need to insist they test your precious one.


durante baby - September 20

thank you everyone for all the advice....Im gonna call his ped, again tomorrow and see what he says again, and if he b__ws it off like its nothing...We may just take him to urgent care. It may be nothing, and if it was my personal body I would b__w it off, but its not worth it with one of my kids, to just a__sume its nothing.


Longingfor1 - September 20

You shudnt worry durante baby if the yellowness reduces gradually. My baby was born on Sep 10 and she has the same thing. Even my doc said it was normal and now that she is 10 days old, it has subsided considerably. Keep checking everday - thats wat i suggest. And i dont think you should panic so much... ! In case it aggravates, then take prompt action.


staci - September 20

Hey durante are you b___stfeeding? Baby's that are b___st fed are more likely to develop jaundice than others. Let us know what the dr. says..


DeeD - September 20

It is definitly jaundice and it can be very dangerous and cause brain damamge. They consider blood transfusions at a level of 20. My last LO ate really well, but the liver just ook too long to clean out the whatever it was (bilirubin?). Her level was 25. They ended up seeing if she responded to the lightswhich she did in only 8 hours, but they were going to hospitilize her. She was under the lights 24 hours a day for a week. I could not hold her AT ALL. She could only come out to eat and change a diaper. It was so sad. She would cry and all I could do was sit by the lights with my hand on her tummy and talk to her and quiet her. I don't want to scare you-but you need to get that baby in for a blood test and it needs to be STAT so you know the level ASAP! In fact, this is DEFINITLY an ER thing-I absolutely would not wait. I have had two with serious levels of bilirubin. If you wait, it could mean hospitilization OR Brain damage. It does not matter weather it is a b___stfeeding jaundice or only matters the level of bilirubin in the blood. It is treatable, and I would not worry about it being something seriously wrong with your just means that the baby is not getting the bilirubun out of its systems so it is building up. You just need to get the levels down ASAP. They may tell you to quit nursing for a while-you really don't need to-just need to feed more and more often. I hope this helps. Let us know...GL!


durante baby - September 21

I havent called his ped yet, cause I know they are really busy first thing in the morn, and they have only been open for an hour....I want their full attention, so ill wait about another hour to call......Heres my issues: My mother insticts are just telling me something isnt right!! His eyes arent as yellow today, they have more of a grey ting....Sometimes he breathes really heavy (which has always worried dh and I), All yesterday he had extreamly runny BMs, today he has had no BMs yet, Im sure this is normal cause I remember it with my fb, but he goes crosseyed alot (but it just adds to my concerns), He was curc_msized on monday, and dh swears that_t is infected, to me it looks fine, but i dont have a p___s, so its hard for me to judge.....A close friend watched my kids last night cause dh and I had cla__s, and when he got home (anaware of our concerns) he said "i dont thinkyour Little one is feeling to well", when I asked why he thought that, he said "I really dont know I just have a feeling".........I dont know guys, do you think Im just being a parinoid mommy?


durante baby - September 21

thank you everyone for the stories and advice....yes alot of you made me more nervous, but I DEFFINATELY would rather hear true stories, so I know how serious something that seems simple can be.


Tory1980 - September 21

I will say this to anyone who has kids- you know your child better than anyone. If you feel something is wrong get it checked as mothers instinct is often correct. DO NOT let your Doctor fob you off. I would get him checked, if only to put your mind at rest. Keep us informed what happens. It could be that is is just taking longer for him to clear but if he does require phototherapy hopefully it won't be for long. Good luck!


cayingo - September 21

My Dd was born 4w early and "slightly juandiced". Her skin had a yellowish tint, and her eyes were distinctly yellow for about 2 months. Her billirubin count wasn't high enough to warrant uv therapy, however her pedi said to put her in INDIRECT sunlight so her body would create more vitamin d, which lowers billirubin. You're baby will be fine, it just looks odd for awhile. Enjoy your lo!



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