YIKES I Have Elephant Ankles

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Jenn... - April 27

OMG it seems like overnight, as soon as I hit 35 weeks my ankles blew up!!! I had normal sized ankles and then all the sudden they are huge. I can even push my finger on them and leave a mark for quite a few seconds. None of my shoes fit, thank goodness I love flip flops - but I can't wear them to work...ugh! My doctor says they will only get bigger...hard to believe they could. Any one else have big ankles?? Does it really get worse, will they hurt eventually 'cause they don't at all now.


Michelle - April 27

My ankles are swollen as well as my entire foot. I am 39 weeks and the only thing that hurts is cramming my poor foot into my shoes everyday but the swelling itself doesnt hurt at all. My doctor tells me to keep my feet up but that hasnt done anything so I fill the tub up with about 2 inches of cold water and put my feet in for a soak and that seems to help a little. I have already bought two pairs of shoes one size too big just so I have something to wear to work everyday! :-)


Jbear - April 28

Try lying down on your left side as much as possible. Sitting with your feet up is not good for swelling, because it puts pressure on the veins in your groin, but laying on your side and elevating your feet can really help.


Sorry - April 28

At least its late in the game. You only have a few more weeks. They should get back to normal about a week after delivery. I finally figured out why they say 'barefoot and pregnant"--NONE of your shoes fit anymore!


Kymmi - April 28

yeah, I think all the women who experience this can definately relate to that saying "barefoot and pregnant"!! My feet started to swell up at about 36 weeks. I am 38 weeks now and they haven't gotten bigger. But I do have days where it bothers me and then I have days that it doesn't bother me at all. Just try to drink LOTS of water (to help with the swelling) and stay off of your feet. If you sit at work, try finding something to use to prop your feet up on while you work.


Cristle - April 28

Im 37 weeks. I go in at 5 am in the morning for a c-section. my ankles have been swollen for a month now. Some days they are huge and some days they dont swell at all. My doc. gave me good advice and it worked. Drink at least 10 gla__ses of water a day, and put ur feet up every chance you get. I promise the swelling will subside.



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