Yoga Ball To Get Baby To Drop

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Lindsay - February 16

I am 37 weeks pregnant, 50% effaced, 2cm dialated and at my last visit on Wednesday my midwife said that the baby needs to drop some more and recommended walking and also sitting on a yoga ball. She said that when she was pregnant with her baby she sat on the yoga ball and bounced a little up and down and did pelvic tilts and that she dialated 2 cm and baby dropped. Had anyone heard of this or have done this and it worked? I am trying it out as I am willing to try anything within reason to get him to drop as she told me if he will drop down more she can induce me sooner. Anyone heard of this????


erin - February 16

I have never heard of anyone telling someone to bounce on a yoga ball for that reason, but it makes sense to me. When you're on the ball your legs are spread and so your pelvis opens to help the baby drop. So I'd give it a try, maybe it'll help! I know a lot of women also do this while in labour but I have never personally tried it.


to erin - February 16

Thanks I have been giving it a try so far. I will post and let everyone know if it worked to help him drop or help dialate anymore.


Kiddolebel - February 17

Actually Im glad you posted this thread. My cousin and I were trying to figure out a way to help bring her baby down and for two weeks neither of us could think of anything other than walking and such. Then it hit me...Our work out ball!! DUH! Yes it does help bring the baby down, it did for her and she also said it helped relieve a lot of pressure and such she had. Good luck, hope it works for you too!


to kiddolebel - February 17

Thanks a bunch! I hope maybe this will help others in the same situation as well. I have been trying it for 2 days now and go back to my midwife next Wednesday and will post then my progress. It does help with the pressure on my back when I sit on it it is alot more comfortable then just sitting in a regular chair. I have been sitting in front of the TV watching just rocking and boucing away and it really helps my back to feel less tight and have as much pressure there which also may mean he is moving down some and taking some of the pressure away from my middle back.


Heather F - February 17

Yes - and I hear it works, I have every intention of trying it when I get further along (I am 33 weeks). It works because it stretches the muscles in your pelvis, making them wider and easier for the baby to drop into.


Lindsay - February 21

Well I go tomorrow to doctor and will let you all know if the yoga ball helped my baby drop and helped with dialation.


Kiddolebel - February 24

So did the ball help? I hope it did for ya =)


lindsay - February 25

Well I would love to say yes but at this point it helped me to dialate another cm so now I am 3 cm but that could have just been my body doing that as well. The baby still has not dropped and actually my midwife had to start an induction yesterday due to baby not being active. Then once induction was started and I was on pitocin for 8 hours, they stopped the induction as his heart rate was good and he was tolerating the contractions and pitocin well however I was not dialating anymore than 3 cm and he is still high up and has not dropped. So they are going to induce at 39 weeks, which is next week.


erin - February 25

It's great to hear that you are at 3 cm but is there a reason why your midwife wants to induce you? You are only 38 weeks. Don't inductions happen after the due date? Just wondering if there is a reason for it, that's all.


Lindsay - February 25

Well the reason they started induction on Thursday is because he was not reacting. He had a heart beat but was not moving at all and not having acceralations in his heart rate so they thought that he could be in distress. The reason they stopped is he started to react and his heart rate perked up. Now they are going to induce again this week due to early on in my pregnancy I was diagnosed with CMV which can cause problems in the baby and they don't want to wait much past 39 weeks just in case, also they think he is already a big baby and in order for me to try to get him here naturally they don't want him to get too big.



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