You Know You Re 8 Months Pregnant When

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Mrs.Steve - October 6

You go to Denny's for a takeout order and you cry when you get home because you asked for white toast and got wheat, and your ranch dressing tasted weird, ruining your entire chicken strip meal. That was my morning. And I indeed had a good cry over it, LOL. It's funny now, but it sure wasn't this morning.


Mrs.Steve - October 6

And yes, I do love chicken strips and ranch dressing for breakfast. I've always hated breakfast food, so I'm rather unconventional when it comes to "the most important meal of the day" LOL.


docbytch - October 6

Hey MrsSteve I understand. I cry over everything now. It's ridiculous. I tend to eat freaky breakfasts myself. In fact...I either don't bother eating brkfst at leftovers....or have something really c___ppy like chips or cheetos. I tend to like breakfast food for lame is that?


January - October 6

I couldn't even begin to count the number of times I've eated chicken strips at Denny's for breakfast lol


Mrs.Steve - October 6

Good, then it's not just me, LOL. I always feel so embarra__sed asking for the giant bowl of ranch dressing. There are alot of things that I'm a___l about and my ranch dressing is one of them. Denny's has the best ranch dressing. And when the ranch is off, in my opinion, it's a CRIME. LOL. I don't know what that c___p was today...seemed like they ran out and mixed some store bought c___p with mayonnaise and blue cheese. Blech!


docbytch - October 6

Oh I used to work at Dennys when my dd was a baby and toddler. Down in North Hollywood in fact. It's Dennys ranch (which has to be hidden's the only kind that tastes that good...and NOT the prebottled c___p) that taught me to learn to love French fries with ranch dressing and tabasco sauce. Yum. One of my favorites to this day!! Dennys does have the best ranch for sure


afireinsideamanda - October 6

lmfao. omg. after reading the post about the electric scooter and walmart, which ive seriously considered myself, i have to laugh a bit. i know exactly how you feel, im 40 w 3 d pregnant and i swear to god, the wind can b__w the wrong way and i can cry


synesthesia1821 - October 6

mrs.steve:id be p__sed about the ranch too! that's DISGUSTING. I DESPISE MAYO- I MEAN, THROW UP DESPISE THE HELL OUT OF IT- i dont want it even touching me! yuck.


jennifer_33106 - October 6

haha I used to work at Dennys and If i remember correctly though it was long ago, we made the ranch dressing by a tub of mayo, milk and a packet of the hidden valley ranch seasoning. haha they may have put too much mayo in. Im so sorry!!! They ruined your breakfast!!


jennifer_33106 - October 7

hahaha synesthesia1821!!! Sorry that made me laugh. I hope you can eat ranch once again. haha when you were describing your hatred for mayo, hahaha I pistured a pregnant lady outside of a mayo factory picketing the production of mayo. haha I dont know why. haha but it made me smile. I however love love love mayo. haha. Especially on burgers!! You know whats really good!? Mayo and salsa with french fries. mmm


synesthesia1821 - October 7

yuck! lmao. that's funny though, your post made me laugh out loud about the protest. cuz i would totally do that. i hate it THAT MUCH! ahah. =P


HeavenisMine - October 7

Oh that isn't fair!:( We're just so vulnerable. I am surprised I didn't break down crying last night when some neighborhood kids thought it might be fun to hurl a rock through our window. Now it looks so c___ppy all taped up :(



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