You Ve Got A Big Bottom Mummy

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falafal0 - September 30

I got out of bed this morning to find some clothes to put on. I was wearing knickers and a cami. Our DD who is five had come into bed fora morning cuddle and as I was searching through the cupboards she said, Mummy, you've got a big bottom! so innocently. I nearly died and DH pretended to be asleep! It did npt help my self esteem at ALL. I barely want to walk around as it is and feel terrible about myself being the heaviest I ever have in my life, but to hear this little gril say you've got a big bottom, I wished the ground would open and swallow me up! I swear i'm going to stand straighter! I'm glad she pointed it out to me, I would never have spotted it myself!! :-)


afireinsideamanda - September 30

oh my god!!! <333 thats sweet, im sure she didnt mean it meanly...being so small and such, but maybe its just big-GER. and not BIG as in fat. i wouldnt worry about it. pregnant women are beautiful


Buffi R. - October 1

In one of my favorite books on pregnancy, "The Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy" by Vickie Iovine, she says, "Pregnancy is a total body experience." :-) I have a 5 year old boy, and over the weekend he was drawing pictures of himself, DH, and I. DH is a big guy (6'1", about 300 lbs), and my son drew DH and himself really small, and then he drew me as a huge circle!! :-) Nice....


Pipa - October 1

God bless the little children and their frankness! She didn't mean anything by it and I'm sure all adult bottoms seem big to five year olds especially since it's right in their line of sight! So cute!


angeev - October 2

My bottom is just slightly behind my belly in expansion. I don't have any little ones around to tell me and I think hubby knows better.


falafal0 - October 3

Buffi R that' hilarious - a huge circle! :-) Line of sight is right too Pipa, I can knock her in the head as I turn around with either my bum or my belly. She gets it in the head everytime! DH later told me he heard what she said and replied, you mean huge! More to grab my dear! Go and eat!


tori205 - October 3

i think my bottom was the first one to expand and i am the first to admit it...wore size 1-2 ( ahhh, that seems so long ago) now i hav gained 50 pounds at almost 39 weeks. my hubby says im wider and so does my really doesnt bother me cuz they dont say it with malice just being honest....and i agree with them..:) we all laugh about it. just know this is only temporary...i also gained 50 pounds with my daughter and it just melted away within a few weeks to months...



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