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Wondering - February 6

Hey Guys just wondering what you eat and drink during the day! what is your basic menu?? Just curious to see how healthy people are eating and different stuff they eat .... Thanks :)


karen - February 6

It's different every day, but usually my meals are relatively healthy. I drink a lot of water, orange juice every morning, but I confess that I drink caffeine-free diet coke sometimes. Breakfast is usually oatmeal or cereal w/ banana. Lunch could be anything--usually leftovers from dinner the night before, a Subway sandwich, or a lean cousine meal. Same with dinner. Anything from fish to salad to pasta. BUT I am very bad about supplementing these healthy meals with ice cream, chocolate and cookies in between. :)


karen - February 6

By the way--I'll add that my favorite place to eat is Chipotle (not sure if they have those everywhere). I always get the vegetarian burrito when I go, and I probably go at least once a week. :)


mel - February 6

bigtime on the sweets here. my meal are really healthy, but I'm eating all kinds of cookies and pies and cakes in between. I JUST CAN'T STOP!!!! I never ate these many sweets before. ugh


Becky - February 6

Cereal every morning, an apple, orange, or banana mid-morning, and sometimes some teddy grahams or goldfish crackers before lunch, leftovers for lunch, a muffin or granola bar in the afternoon, some carrots while we're making supper, chicken/fish/veggies/pasta for supper, and cookies, ice cream, or cereal before bed. I used to eat more than that, but in the last couple weeks, I just haven't had the hunger pains I had been having. I am 34 weeks.


Girl Gilly - February 6

I am 32 weeks and lately have had very little interest in food so it's been hard to decide on what to eat. Here is an average day.... Breakfast - soy milk and toast with peanut b___ter, SNACK, banana, LUNCH, soup and sandwhich or leftovers from night before, SNACK, apple, muffin and/or walnuts or trail mix, DINNER, pasta with sauce and veggies, SNACK/DESSERT, popcorn or sometimes I get ice cream it varies on how hungry I am. I also usually have one more gla__s of soy milk per day. I probably snack a bit more than I have listed but for some reason nothing comes directly to mind.


Kel - February 6

Its usually a little different for me everyday, but today for so far has been: yogurt and oatmeal for breakfast. Soup and salad for lunch and for dinner tonight I am making tacos. I didn't buy any sweets at the grocery store this week, so hopefully I won't find anything for desert! he he! Oh wait, I bought some donuts....yum those sound good. I'm sure I will have one of those after dinner! I just can't help myself. I am 32 weeks.


cteel - February 6

I am 28 weeks and after I gained 8lbs in one month I decided to be more healthy. So my typical day is some sort of fiber rich cereal, snack is an apple/plum or grapes, lunch is usually subway or a salad, snack everyday!!! is Hot Tamales I am addicted to these things and cannot stop. My suppers are usually sensible just depends on if dh is going to be home. I try to have a meat, potatoe, and veg. And water alllllday long!!!


sye - February 6

whatever i can eat without getting nauseous...normally for breakfast, it's the granola bars with the yogurt and then for lunch, it's leftovers and for dinner, it's whatever everyone can eat so i don't have to make separate meals.


Sue - February 6

Gosh, you guys are so good! I eat rice krispy treats, m&m's, strawberry and choco milk, coke and cookies! I eat one healthy meal a day and lots of fruit.


sye - February 6

oh, sorry, i forgot to mention my sugary snacks when i crave them...too many sweets can make me sick as well....


mn - February 6

breakfast is usually cereal or oatmeal with O.J., sometimes I will have a small snack mid-morning (apple or oatmeal cookie), lunch is usually a turkey sand or salad with chicken on top, mid-afternoon snack will be a handfull of something like goldfish or chips, and dinner is usually a meat, veggie, and a starch. I try not to eat anything after dinner b/c of acid, and eating real late can cause the food to be stored as fat. the one thing I am bad about is I drink sweet tea and diet soda (caf free) every day. I need to force myself to drink more water.


bv - February 6

my meals are real healthy, but I must admit....every day I have been having a cookie and sweet tea between meals. I just cant help myself!


Nicole - February 7

I just bring healthy foods to work so I CAN'T snack out on junk food. I try to pack lots of fruits and veggies, I always have cereal bars and instant oatmeal kicking around in my desk. I also like to bring in applesauce and yogurt, I'm all about the convenience foods. Then if I want to have a small junkie snack a few hours after dinner I don't feel guilty about it, just as long as I keep the portion small.


cteel - February 7

Nicole I agree with you, I bring fruit and veg, to work and eat a good snack after supper. But sometimes even that is a weightwatchers popsicle. I do have hot tamales at work, but they too are a low fat candy.


Tina - February 8

When people say they are "eating for two" it isnt meant literally. If you eat for two you will end up looking like two people, lol You can eat like you did before you got pregnant, just make sure u eat sensibly. You dont have to eat everything on your plate just because you are pregnant. Eat until you get full, just like before.


lena - February 8

It is recommended to eat 300 calories more than you would if you weren't pregnant! That is approximatly equal to 3 bananas, or an OJ a yogurt and a toast.... YEs you are eating for two, but that second person is much much smaller than you.... Quality over quant_ty....



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