Your Mother S Labor

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angeev - September 29

I have often heard that you can look to your mother's labor to get an idea of how your might be. Does anyone know how true that is, if at all? I have heard mixed things, even from the nurses and dr at my OB office. I really hope it's true...I talked to my mom today, 4 hours and 5 hours, both with an epi and the 5-hour one she was induced. Just curious...and hopeful.


emfine99 - September 29

Well, I really hope it's not true!! I am having the same sort of pregnancy with my little girl as my mom did with me and she had a good labor with me because she walked a lot, but I don't do that..... but with my brother, she was in labor for a couple of days and he was a 10 pound baby!!! I don't see where there could be much truth to it because I think each labor is different and it all depends how you do during pregnancy. Your diet could be different, your exercise habbits, etc.


AngelinLuv - September 29

I hope not!! My mom was in back labor for 24 hrs with me. No thank you!!


Cerulean - September 29

The only reason I would think you might have a similar labor to your mom would be maybe if you have the same body type as your mom. But there are SO many other factors that play into your labor than just body type. My mom had 4 kids and each one was different...alot of it did seem to depend on how active she was during her pregnancy. ugh...I need to get out and exercise more! =)


DeeD - September 29

Not true here with any of my dleiveries. Each person is different. Keep in mind technology is different too. GL!


DDT - September 29

Well, my Mom and my labour were fairly similiar but not completely. BTW we are completely opposite in body type. When my Mom was in labour with me (she was 19 years old) her water broke at 36wks. After a VERY long labour I was born with the a__sistance of forceps. I was her first born weighing 4.5-5lbs. With my son (first-born) my water also broke but at 39w6d and I was in labour for 19hrs (long but not that long). I almost needed a suction cup but managed to get him out on my own. My son was 7lbs 4oz. I am 26 years old. We do have a history of having small to average babies though as all 3 of my brothers were small to average as well. No one on my Mom's or Dad's side have had big babies either (over 8.5-9lbs).


WP - September 29

Totally different for me. She had c-sections for all three of us and so far it looks like I'll be delivering both of mine v____ally. It could have something to do with the fact that I was born in 1969 and my brothers even earlier. Another thing I've heard is that your baby's birth weight often mirrors your own.


denimb__terfly - September 29

My doctor says this is untrue. And personally- my mom had all c-sections, I had all v____al births.


angeev - October 1

Thanks for your responses...seems like it is all over the place. If good exercise helps with labor, I am done for. I started off great diet, exercise and everything. Now brownies and trash television are two of my closest friends. As far as the birth weight being similar to yours thing...that would be nice. I was hubby was 10-8!!!


denimb__terfly - October 1

Angeev- don't worry about the exercise thing- I totally did not exercise this pregnancy and I pushed out a 9pound9ounce baby boy without too much trouble. I really think it's all up to your body on what it wants to do- actually my daughter's labor (she was 7pounds8ounces) hurt more than my newest little (big) guy and I was exercising all the time with that pregnancy. It's all just another suprise you just have to wait and see..


tarheelfan71 - October 1

Well if its like when she had me, that would be great. She pushed me out in an hour. But if its like when my middle sis was born...NO WAY! She had her b___t fist (OUCH)!


J.J. - October 1

There wasn't any similarity b/t my mom's and mine, except that my water never broke. And neither did my Mom's or my grandmother's with both of her children. so apparently that's genetic.


alirenee86 - October 1

I've heard that and also just read that it's definately heriditary as to your mothers labor. I hope so too!! I'm sure its not 100% but there's probably some truth to that. My mothers was very fast with both my sister and I.



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