Yup I M Having A Big Baby

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Meval - November 6

Today I went to see my doc & have another ultrasound. It was a day of surprises. The ultrasound tech stated that the baby approx, is right now 8 1/2lbs and 80% sure it's a girl? ( I was told it was def. a girl weeks ago). My doc told me that I had to options. Either do an amnio tomorrow morning so that they can check if the baby's lungs are fully developed and induce this coming friday or wait 2 more weeks, induce and probably have a c-section due to the baby's size. In two weeks the baby would be approx. 9-9 1/2 lbs!! I was overwhelmed. My due date is 12/01. It just seems so soon. I decided to wait 2 weeks. Either way I will probably have to have a c-section but gives me time to get ready. I'm so scared, nervous and anxious!! Really how accurate are ultrasounds?? Could they have been mistaken when I was told it was a girl? I can't imagine having a 9lb or more baby. My daughter was 6lbs 51/2 ozs when she was born. I don't know. I am feeling so nervous!!! =/


docbytch - November 6

don't worry too much. you will get through it. my bby boy is 4 weeks old...he was 10lbs8oz at birth. I lost all the preg weight and then some within a week of his birth and was wearing my normal clothes. i am still sore and numb at the incision...my hands are also still numb....but overall the recovery has been very good. good luck to you. are you dx with GD?


missy046 - November 6

With my last pregnancy they induced my on my due date because the u/s projected the babies weight to be around 9lbs. A little under a week later I delivered via c-section (for failure to progress) and she was 8.55 lbs so it was pretty close.


DaBonkElsMe - November 7

Why do they want to induce? They are never accurate with weight, so I am surprised your doctor want to risk an amnio or induce already! My SIL gave birth v____ally to a healthy 9lb 10oz baby. She tore a little, but the baby came out without the use of any aids. So with an 81/2 pound ESTIMATE at 36 weeks, it seems bizarre that they want to do that already.


linds99 - November 7

I just saw a birth video at my lamaz cla__s last Monday of a woman who gave v____al birth to her second baby-10 lbs 5oz. (no meds no tearing). So 9 lbs still seems ok, not necessarily c-section territory. My MIL's first boy was 9-1.5 lbs..no c-section.


melissap - November 7

My 1st baby was 9lbs 1oz and my second was 7lbs 14oz and the pain was the exact same actually I didn't have an epidural with the 2nd and it hurt alot more. I am expecting #3 any day now and I am guessing that it is between 9&10 lbs because I am huge. don't worry if it was meant to fit it will come out. Good luck and dabonk is right u/s can be off by a pound sometimes more.


tryin44 - November 7

My first was 10lbs 2 oz. I delivered v____ally. However, my doctor did say if I hadn't gone natural I most likely wouldn't have been able to push hard enough to get him out. As is it took over two hours of pushing. After him, i have given birth two weeks early ( induced) withg my other three. They were 9, 9.1, and 8.2 lbs. You will be great I'm sure.


tish212 - November 7

I agree I have heard a lot of stories of u/s measurements being off.... I would only let them induce if ur comfortable with that...it is ur body o make the best decision for u.... but as pointed out here several ladies have safely delievered big babies....without a c-section .... gl and bless u :)


Jilloh - November 7

depends on the tech doing the u/s. With my DS I was told anywhere between 7 pounds 10 ounes and 8 pounds 8 ounces. He came out 8 pounds 4 ounces. I have a sis in law that was given an estimated weight of 6- 6 1/2 pounds and her DD came out 8 pounds 15 ounces, and another sis in law that was told to expect a 4-5 pound baby and DD came out weighing 6 pounds 7 ounces. You never know!


claire83 - November 7

when i was 32 weeks pregnant with my last baby they said she was 6 1/2 pounds yet i never gave birth til i was 42 weeks and she was 8lb 2oz i doubt she only gained under two pounds in ten weeks so they aren't always precise, i do remember them saying that weight estimate can be a pound out either side of they estimate though


claire83 - November 7

also my secound baby was 9lb 6oz i had her v____ally with no drugs as it was quick but i did tear bad but i think that was down to the speed in which i pushed her out


Erins Mom - November 7

The ladies are right, ultrasound measurments are really just guesstimations. I wouldn't induce unless you feel it's absolutely necessary, and why would you end up with a c-section? Sounds like your doctor is jumping the gun a little! Many women have delivered 9 lb. and above babies v____ally just fine! I wish you the best with whatever you two decide, but I'd be nervous about a dr. so willing to think about c-section and induction already.


docbytch - November 7

I am grateful for the csection I had. Had I attempted the other way he would not have made it out and we both could have died. But I have a narrow pelvic outlet which barely pa__sed my 9lb dd back when I was 19. If you can and want to do it v____ally...go for it. I personally am glad mine went the way it did. My US measurements at 36 weeks showed him to be 8lbs8oz. He was born at exactly 39 weeks so I think those estimates were pretty right on.



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