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r1209 - October 6

Ok... So my due date was Monday, and I thought that I was going into labor Monday morning and went to the hospital but they sent me home. :-( Well Monday night I was having contractions 30 minutes apart. Tuesday, I started having contractions 10 minutes apart. I got so excited because I knew it was getting close! All day Tuesday I was feeling sick, and the only thing that would help with the contractions was getting up and walking around. I was extremely tired too because the night before I was up every half hour with them. I called my doctor Tuesday night around 8:00 pm and told him the contractions had been 10 minutes apart from about 11:00 in the morning and that they were getting really painful and not getting any closer. He told me that it was probably false labor again and to take a warm shower and get some liquids. Well I took about 4 warm showers and tried to lay down, but finally around 11 pm the contractions shot down to 5 minutes apart. I sat there for about half an hour waiting to make sure they didn't space out again. But when they didn't we got in the car and left for the hospital without calling my Dr. On the way to the hospital I got sick and threw up all over myself :-( But luckily my water hadn't broken yet so DH's parents house was on the way so I decided to stop and get cleaned up. We got to admitting at 12:45 AM. When we got there I threw up once more and they hooked me up to the monitors. The contractions were 2-3 minutes apart and I was 3 cm dialated! So as soon as they got ahold of my doctor they admitted me and I got to go up to a room. I threw up again, and they gave me a shot for nausea and something for pain and it put me to sleep. Around 4:00 AM they gave me my epidural! That epidural felt like heaven to me! It just felt so cool and relaxing going in. I finally got to get some good rest and I just loved looking at the machine while I was having contractions and not being able to feel them at all. Around 7 AM I was 6 cm dialated and 90% effaced. However, the contractions had started spacing out, so my doctor put me on pitocin to keep them regular. At 11:00 am I was at 9 cm and 100% effaced. But my epidural was also wearing off and I was starting to feel a lot more. Around 11:30 I finally got to start pushing but I kept losing my pain relief. I was pushing so hard and 1 1/2 hours later the baby just wasn't coming down as good as they expected. My pain relief was almost completely gone, and they had me on all 4's with my knee's to my chest trying to get him to turn his head and come down farther. I got sick A LOT more and they finally called for a re-dose of my epidural. After that I was feeling great again and ready to keep pushing. However, the baby still hadn't turned his head in the right direction and still wasn't coming down any further. So I pushed for 3 hours total and my DR finally came in and suggested a c-section. I REALLY didn't want to get one but my nurse decided it would be best too because the baby was stuck and my body was exhausted from pushing for so long with no progress. So at 3:00 I was sent to the O.R. At 3:59 I was in the operating room, and Zachary was born at 4:21 pm on October 3rd. He was born weighing 8 lbs 2 oz. and he was 21 inches long. He is sooooo adorable!!! And he has a full head of dark brown hair! We got discharged this morning and everyone is doing well! I've had very little pain and a great recovery. Zachary is a little piggy. He eats sooo much! But he is just such a good baby.


chickiepoo9 - October 7

Wow congrats that sounds like quite a journey to meet your little man i am glad everything worked out well and he is healthy and happy!


crrodgers - October 7

I can't believe you feel so great even though you almost experienced both forms of labor! I did that with my first and man it was a tough recovery. I have had 2 c-sections since and they have been a breeze since I never actually experienced the labor part. Congratulations and I am very glad to hear everyone is doing great!


r1209 - October 7

The nurses kept saying that I had a very good c-section so I'm thankful for that. Plus the pain meds did wonders when it was time for me to get up out of bed an move around. But the 3rd day in the hospital I was up walking around the hospital while my parents were in the room watching the baby because I was having trouble releasing gas... So they wanted me moving as much as possible. :p I think that helped a lot for when I got home. This is my first so I'm definately happy that I won't have to experience labor again for my next children. But I am kinda bummed out that I couldn't do it the way nature intended.



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