Zoloft Anyone

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shelze - May 29

Hello all! I was wondering if anyone is on Zoloft?? I was taking it pre-pregnancy and went off when I started trying to conceive. Now I am 30 weeks and my anxiety is SO bad I feel like I need to go back on it now. Is anyone taking it during their pregnancy??? Does your doctor seem to think it ok??? I have a call into my doctor but he is not calling back fast enough. Thanks for any info you can give me!!!


cindy120175 - May 30

When I was pregnant with my son, 3 1/2 years ago, I was taking Prozac and Zyprexa for my issues and the doctor kept me on them. He said it would have been way worse to take me off than to leave me on. My son came out just fine. The only thing I couldn't do was b___stfeed because it made him sluggish..other than that the pregnancy was good. This time I am not on anything and haven't been for a few years and it is a little more difficult for me. I would check with the doctor.


ARD - May 30

Hi Shelze. I am 39 weeks today, and was on Zoloft pre-pregnancy also due to extreme anxiety/panic attacks and some mild depression. I was advised by my doctor to avoid it if at all possible during pregnancy due to the fact that the baby could experience withdrawal symptoms (and if you have come off of Zoloft before, you know those can be pretty rough), so I decided to stay off of it. I have had a rough time though because my anxiety levels have been so high. I've even visited the ER due to a panic attack (about 2 weeks ago). So I know how you feel. BUT, they do say that its better for you to be on something if you feel you need it that bad than to NOT be on something. My doctor said that there's no proven problems with taking Zoloft during pregnancy, so what he did was write me a prescription and he did this when I was around 32 weeks pregnant...I wanted to see if I could go without it the rest of my pregnancy, so I guess knowing I HAD the prescription and could go get it filled at anytime, I just felt comfortable with that and never got it filled. So now i'm at 39 weeks, anxiety is as high as ever, but I know I can make it till the end. I have to talk myself out of panic attacks quite often, but have managed to do it without medication. Again, if you feel you absolutely HAVE to be on it, don't feel bad about it, do it. You have to do what is best for you because that in turn will be what is best for your baby. I chose to stay off of it and really at this point, its too late. BUT BELIEVE ME, when I deliver, my doctor has already been advised to have ZOLOFT waiting on me!!! I am looking forward to being back on it so much!!! Anyway, sorry for the long winded response...just wanted you to know that with anxiety, you are not alone as mine is terrible now, but you really CAN do it if you want to stay off of it. But if not, don't worry about it...I've actually heard that Zoloft has been around almost the longest of the anti-depressants, and that there's been no problems seen thus far except for maybe withdrawal symptoms in the baby. Hope this helps and good luck!! :o)



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