11 Months Very Hyper Child Any Ideas

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debbie80 - July 10

I am a first time Mom...my DD is going to be 11 months old next week. She is a very active little girl I might say...she is always on the go!! She can never just sit still and relax....the newest thing she is doing is screaming!! She will scream for no reason, so I know she is doing it for attention..and oh yea, since she has 6 teeth, she likes to bite! Is this all normal?? My neice and her litle cousin are only 1 and 2 months apart and they can just sit there and entertain themselfs and be quiet..when mine comes along, look out! People joke and say I will need Nanny 911 later....it hurts my feelings...any idea if this is normal or is she just really active? Thanks


kimberly - July 10

It is normal! My oldest was a terror, he was nicknamed the demolator by family and friends. lol! He is still a very talkative, active kid, and sometimes destructive kid. But, he is very smart makes all A's and has lots of friends. I think it is totally normal and she probably will always be a active child.


K - July 10

I have a very active one too. She is100 miles an hour all the time. She is extremely social with everyone she meets, and has never had a phase where she was remotely scared of any stranger. From the time she started walking we have had to watch her every second because she will get into everything and climb things. Our niece was not social at all and liked to sit and play alone- so my in-laws don't have a clue how to handle my dd. They can't keep up with her. I did a little research on it to see if I should be worried because of the way my dh's family acted about it, and it actually often is a sign of intelligence. It is one of the signs often exhibited in what they call "gifted" children. Their little minds are just moving faster than their peers, so they are very curious and they want to experience everything. Fits with Kimberly's kid being a straight A student. Mine started talking extremely young and was speaking in long full sentences by age 2. (Real Example: Actually mama, I would like mashed potatoes instead of noodles), so I guess it fits with her too. You may just have a really smart kid on your hands! Just wait until she is 2! Just try to keep her entertained and nip the bad behavior in the bud. (i.e. if she screams to get attention, don't give her any; and make sure she knows biting is not acceptable).


Justine1 - July 13

My DD who is 2.5 was really active at that age and has been ever since. Never did the screaming thing thankfully and biting was stopped with a loud No. Some children are just really active, its just the way they are. I think pretty much all children try to bite but you need to stamp it out - a loud No I'ld try first. Mine like to be told No biting, kissing/cuddling - something they can do right instead and the they'll do that. My DD is very advanced in speech etc too (can say thousands of words, sings 30 or so songs in full, always speaks in long sentences, speaks French and English, can name numbers/letters) but I'm not sure there's a connection as my DS is also very advanced in speaking (can sing part songs at 18 months and says several small sentences) but much less active and sleeps half the day, much easier for Mum!. I was so glad my second one was calmer!


Justine1 - July 13

Just one other thing - my brother was hyper as a young child and that my Mum always put down to additives in food. When she cut down on food with E numbers in - colours, flavourings etc - then he calmed down a lot. Its probably not that but just thought I'ld mention it incase it could be.


Crystal83 - July 15

It's completely normal and it is just her personality type. My oldest dd was like that, some say it's the red hair lol, and I thought she was going to be a monster when she got older and would have like ADHD or something, she used to rip through rooms when she was a toddler and get into everything, it looked like a tornado hit everywhere she went. My 2 younger girls are completley different. They are content to sit and play quietly by themselves with their toys for hours they are very creative and the artsy silent types, lol!. Well, my oldest is 7.5 years old now and she is a very active young girl, I keep her busy with soccer and ballet. She loves school and reading and she is a straight A student. She is very mature and responsible she is always trying to please me, which she does of course! But she becomes bored very easily and has a hard time using her imagination to play by herself. She always wants someone to play with her. I think the best thing to do for your LO is to keep most of her playtime very structured with specific things for her to do, such as coloring, finger paints, playdoh, reading, helping with baking or cleaning. Some kids need to be kept busy and although it can be hard at your lo's age to do that, in the long run it will really help her to learn how to focus on the things she is doing for longer periods of time. Hope some of my ideas help you out a bit. Good luck and you have nothing to feel bad about at all!


Crystal83 - July 15

Oh, sorry I also forgot to add that biting is a normal phase that most kids go through, but it's best to nip it in the bud as soon as possible. As soon as my lo's started biting they were told, quite firmly, No that was NOT acceptable and were put into a time out or removed from the area. Stay consistent everytime she bites so she learns the importance of how it is wrong to do that to others. She'll test you, I'm sure, lol!



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