12 Month Ds Still Wakes Up Once A Night Is He The Only One

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eclectic66 - July 31

Hi ladies. My 12 month ds still wakes up once a night (sometimes he will take a bottle and other times he just wakes to wake), but I figured by 12 months old he should be way over that waking up at night business. Has anyone else had this problem and does everyone else have lo's that sleep completely through the night?? (no waking at all) or are there other kids out there that also still wake up once a night?? Just curious. Thanks.


DDT - July 31

At 12 months he does not need to have a bottle. He is doing it out of habit rather than hunger and that is why he only sometimes drinks. You can try several things to stop him from doing this. 1. Comfort him by picking him up and holding him for no longer than 30 secs. Put him down again and leave the room. No bottle...you have to be consistent. Repeat as neccessary, but dont go into his room at the first whimper...give him time to self-soothe himself to sleep. 2. "Wake-to sleep" method. You can probably give an estimated time that he tends to wake up. Say he tends to wake up at about 2am every night...well, set your alarm for 1am and wake him up. Don't wake him up completely but enough that he stirs a little . Sounds cruel I know, but what you are doing is allowing him to start a new sleep cycle before his habitual waking time. Do this for 3 nights in a row. By 8 months old my ds was sleeping from 7pm-7am without a feed.


DDT - July 31

Sorry, let me clarify...my ds was sleeping through for 12hrs without a feed at 8 months old. As he got older his awake time moved from 7am to 6-6:30am but since he was 8 months old we have never had to go into his room except when he was sick with a fever and we gave him Tylenol.


jeni23 - August 1

My son still wakes at least 1 time eveynight still,hes 13 months old,he just has a bad dream I comfort him and he goes back to sleep,but not always,latly its because hes teething,just got his first teeth 2 weeks ago,it will get better,I know.Hope you have a good night tonight :)


eclectic66 - August 1

It seems like the nightly wake up's are being caused by a cpl things. Lately he has been springing a leak for some reason and almost every night we are finding ourselves having to totally change out his jammies and sheet. I don't know why this is happening. It seems as if his diapers are no longer fitting him properly? Also the other problem is that he constantly wakes himself up from turning himself around in his crib sideways. So we have to go in and reposition him. Anyway, those seem to be the 2 major things that cause him to wake, but once it happens he won't go back to sleep until he has a bottle. This situation has been made more difficult because of the fact that the majority of the time it is my husband that is tending to him at night because I am at work and his routine is a bit different from mine. He has a tendency to go in the room a lot more than me! I let him fuss a whole lot more than dh is willing to deal with. Also, another problem is that dh is quick to take him out of the crib and lay him down next to him on the extra bed upstairs if he doesn't stop fussing after the first round of the rainforest machine. I have explained to him that I feel like this is creating a bad habit and that ds might not be settling because he expects to be taken out of the crib. And then in the same token I have the bad habit of giving him a bottle if he doesn't settle. So, no matter how ya look at it....dh and I are both guilty of some sort of infraction....lol I have also noticed that every time I do feed him the bottle that I can actually hear his stomach growling! I feed him right before bed so how can he be so hungry to the point of a growling stomach? As you can tell by my rambling I am confused...lol


Justine1 - August 1

Both my 18 month old and my 2.5 year old wake up once or a few times at night quite often. And then when they settle and we think hooray finally we might get some sleep normally the cat starts off meowing really loudly chasing her toy mouse! Lol. So your not alone. One problem we have is our house is quite small so sometimes if one wakes they wake the other up. Our 18 month old sometimes wakes up as he's teething, sometimes as he wants me, sometimes as he's got a cough and quite often as he's thrashing about and has crashed into the side of the cot. He also sleeps with his fingers in his mouth and if he loses those he cries but then normally self-settles in a minute. We never leave him to cry it out and are probably too soft although trouble with cry it out is it'll keep our neighbours awake, wake our DD and wake up and I just couldn't do it to him. Our DD tends to wake up with a cough that makes her vomit - she also talks really loudly in her sleep and she's in our room so we get kept awake with that but she is sleeping. Its funny though when we went on holiday I thought we'ld get no sleep for 10 days but they slept fine every night. I guess we just need to get a single bed each side of our bed like on holiday - lol. At 12 months they normally wouldn't be feeding at night but I'ld give a drink if they had a cough/seemed too hot or something like that. Having said that my neighbours 19 month old is up all night feeding but I think she needs to get tough on that.



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