12 Month Old Just Choked And Swallowed Something

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ImpatientMommy - July 18

I was in the kitchen and my daughter was in the living room and all of a sudden I hear her choking on something! Like legit CHOKING so I run in and grab her and at that point she wasn't choking anymore but I think she DEFINITELY swallowed something because for like 10 minutes afterward she'd cough and gag here and there. I'm almost POSITIVE it was nothing horribly dangerous like a battery or something because there's nothing like that on the floor. But should I be worried? or just keep an eye on her? She never fussed or cried, I was expecting her to start crying once she stopped choking but nope.


J.J. - July 18

My 9-month old daughter swallowed the wax top that comes on top of the cork in a wine bottle (apparently the wax portion had missed the trash can). Anyway, she gagged it up when i went to feed her baby food. I think it was kind of lodged in her throat, and giving her apple-sauce/oatmeal brought it back up. I don't know if that's a solution persay, but i wanted to pa__s it on. but the truth is, if they can swallow it, they can pa__s it out, whatever "it" might be. My son put stuff in his mouth, but never the way that our second child does. I changed her diaper a month ago and there was something teal colored in there. Haven't the foggiest idea what it was but at least it made it out. good luck! try not to worry too much.


mlm056 - July 18

So scary -- I know! They seem to find the tiniest piece of lint on the rug... as long as you are sure they wasn't anything dangerous ie. battery, I would keep an eye on her, give her fluids and keep an eye out during diaper changes -- you may find something! If she starts getting really colicky... pulling her legs up etc, I would call the dr.


kimberly - July 18

I would definately keep an eye on how she is acting. If she acts different at all I would take her in. Most of the time whatever it is just pa__ses on out though.


ImpatientMommy - July 18

she's been COMPLETELY fine all day so I'm not too worried anymore! But boy did she give me a heart attack! Thank you everyone =)


Crystal83 - July 18

My youngest eats everything off the carpet, I don't know how she finds some of the things she does, because I vacc_m at least every 2 days now...anyway she had something in her mouth 2 days ago and I just cought a glimpse of something silver before she started to cough and gag. I was starting to freak out and open her mouth, which she likes to clamp shut now because she knows I'm trying to take it away. So then after a few seconds she was fine and I thought she had swallowed it, I was only hoping it wasn't something sharp, then she started gaging again and I dug around in her mouth and stuck under her toungue was a small peice of tinfoil. I was so relieved. So keep checking her mouth every few minutes when she starts to gag or cough, it might come up and you can stop her from swallowing it again. I feel for you, I know how scary this can be...



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