13 Month Old Not Drinking Cow S Milk

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Perl - December 6

At my ds' 12 month check his pediatrician talked with me about the benefits of introducing him to cow's milk. I've been trying for about a month now and my ds is rejecting it. He doesn't like to drink much of anything but water from a sippy cup. He doesn't drink anything from a bottle he just chews and plays with the nipples. He never wanted to drink formula either even though I tried to give it to him over several months----not from a bottle and not from a sippy cup. But he still loves to drink br___tmilk though. I'm wondering if he will continue to reject cow's milk just like he did with formula. Does anyone else have a little one who doesn't like to drink cow's milk?


cubbie - December 9

My dd is almost 3 and still doesn't like to drink cow's milk, I've been trying her on it since she turned one and she simply doesn't like it - not even chocolate milk she simply LOVES formula, I'm not too worried about it because my ped reasured me that it's ok as she loves dairy food and eats yogurts, and cheeses every day.


Kspa - December 12

Try vanilla soy milk. It's sweet so they may like it.


tryingx3 - December 13

Perl - Katie doesn't drink much milk either...but LOVES mac 'n cheese and will eat yogurt when it suits her...plus she is still nursing...I figure she gets enough dairy. She also loves slices of cheese. For some reason, I was thinking they only recommended 16oz of cow's milk a day anyway - diet might take care of it...


Twinkie - December 13

My son is 15 months, and was picky about milk, too. I started adding a little Carnation instant breakfast powder (he loves French Vanilla), and he loves his milk now. He also still b___stfeeds, never had formula. I think it is the sweetness he likes best.


krc - December 14

I personally do not give my 16 month old any cows milk. He's never had formula either. I still nurse him but only at bedtime. Alot of people don't realize it, but babies ( or adults) do not need milk. Calcium can be found in just as equal quant_ties in orange juice, fruits and vegetables. Almonds are rich in calcium as well. There is a misconception about cow's milk. The dairy industry has a product they need to sell, so they have planted into our society's mind that we HAVE to drink milk in order to get calcium. But this is false. There are many illnesses a__sociated to milk. So in my opinion, if your child doesn't want milk, then don't give it to them. If they like it, then thats yuor choice. There is a website that talks about all the cons a__sociated with milk called " notmilk . com ".


mjvdec01 - December 18

It is not the calcium they really need from the milk, it is the fat. They need that fat for proper brain development. They can get the calcium from yogurt and cheese and other dairy products and vegetables. Try putting some b___st milk in a bottle and put a few drops of it on the nipple so gets a taste, then as he gets used to that, start mixing it a little at a time with milk, until it is just milk.


Cevvin - December 18

like mjvdec i would try that fill the bottle with b___stmilk, then add a little milk. Add more and more each time, very gradually until its just milk.


Wellis10 - December 19

My lo won't drink cows milk either. I bought the little yogurt juices that you find on the baby isle at the store. He loved it. I have started to back out the yogurt and add alittle milk to it each time. I also feed him cereal in the morning. Instead of water or anything else I use cows milk and put alittle fruit in it. He'll eat that too.


tryingx3 - December 19

Wellis reminded me....my dd does GET milk in her oatmeal in the morning and then just sips through the day



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