14 Month Old Throws Himself Backwards

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eclectic66 - October 3

Hi ladies- My 14 month ds has a new "trick" that he is doing which is driving dh and I NUTS!! He throws himself backwards onto the floor from a sitting position. When he does it he is not being fussy or having a tantrum, but he will start getting mad when he can't get himself back up to a sitting position. So we end up having to eventually go put him back in a sitting position and then as soon as we do...boom! he does it again!!! What the heck?? Has anyone heard of such a thing and is there a way to break him of this habit? It wouldn't be so annoying if he knew how to get himself back into a sitting position from flat on his back, but he doesn't. Help!!


kimberly - October 3

My dd is 13 months and she will do the same thing sometimes. She just thinks it is funny, but she can get back up by herself so it hasn't been a problem. I would use it to help encourage him to sit back up by himself. When he does it don't go running to his aid immediately, encourage him to try to get up by himself. It may help him to learn how to sit up by himself. As far as making him stop, I am not sure you can. lol! Once they think something is neat they will keep doing it.


eclectic66 - October 3

well, i think i figured out why he is doing it! he actually stood up today! i think he has been so sick of sitting on his b___t that he started doing that because as soon as he throws himself back and we tried to put him back to a sitting position he would stiffen up like a board! today, the same thing, but this time when i went to sit him back up he stood!! i had my arms around his waist of course, but he was standing :-) i was so thrilled!!!


newbaby2009 - October 3

Im confused. Hes 14 months old? Just standing?


eclectic66 - October 3

yes, that is correct. ds has been behind in the gross motor department and i am having him checked out in a cpl weeks. apparantly i did not crawl, stand, pull up, cruise or walk until i was 18 months and suddenly out of nowhere i started doing all those things. so apparantly ds is following suit. he does everything else he is supposed to and is a very big talker, but he has always been behind with the gross motor moves. so that is why i am so excited that he is just now attempting to stand at 14 months. hope that helps your confusion :)


d - October 4

Oh my my son does this too. Except he does do it more now with temper tantrums. He will be 18 months old tomorrow... He is still not walking either. .... he constantly bangs his head to and it freaks me out, either when he throws himself back or when he is trying to move around too quick. This makes me very nervous.


eclectic66 - October 4

yes, i heard that is quite common during tantrums, but luckily with all things it is just a phase :-)



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