16 Month Old Bangs Head In Tantrums

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Athenajack - December 17

she has been doing this for about a month. Sometimes she really hurts her head. Sometimes she will look for something hard to bang it on. for ex: she will hit her head on the couch then either drop to the floor or bang it on my knee. She continues to bang her head until it hurts. Other times, she hits herself in the head either with her hands or whatever she happens to be holding. I ignore it as much as possible, but she is leaving knots and bruises. How do I correct this behavior. I seriously thought about a helmet this morning.


kimberly - December 17

When a baby gets that worked up there really isn't much you can do to calm them down. The best thing you can do is ignore it. I think in your case though you need a safe padded area, like a play pen or crib, with pads on. Put her there everytime this happens and if she don't stop the tantrums atleast you know she is safe and can't hurt herself. Soon she should start to make a connection that mommy puts me in here when I am acting this way and she will realize she is in trouble for the fit she threw.


tish212 - December 28

My daughter isn't that old yet, but she does have a habit of banging her head on things. Me and DH have spoken about what we will do, if she decides this is the behavior to take during a tempertantrum, and I have to agree with what DH said, she will stop when it truly hurts, so ignore it. Which is what we plan on doing. The forehead is the hardest part of the head, so if your lil one is banging their forehead it would take a HECK of a lot of pain before she could do herself harm, and I am sure she would't do that no matter how mad she got...so if you ignore it she will stop when it hurts and then maybe move past this to something else like banging her hands and feet or throwing things, its all phases, and this head thing is a phase, but the more you show attention to it the more she will do it. I know this sounds harsh but she wont hurt herself, she will stop before it gets that bad. Good luck


jenna32 - January 5

i don't know but it thought i'd say you're not the only one out there! Every time dd throws a fit she will either throw her head back or at something!! She's active and will get especially angry when i put her in the stroller and won't let her walk around. Which i'd love to do if only she wouldn't get into everything ( shes only 13 m so ya) and walk the opposite direction, she refuses to hold my hand and everything. I am starting to realize why people use leashes for their kids. i feel bad i used to think it was cruel,lol. Actually today she even decided it was funny to bang her head against the wall quite a few times. She kept laughing.



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