18 Month Old

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waiting100 - September 27

Anyone with 18 month old to 2 year old - how do you entertain at this age? I am a SAHM and have a VERY ACTIVE boy -- he seems so bored here at home with me. Any ideas? He does go to daycare twice a week and gets stimulation there, we go to the park for playdates but other than that --- what can we do? Winter is approacing and this makes me nervous! Oh, and I have a new baby coming in 4 weeks. So, a newborn and a toddler -- Any great toy ideas for my 18 month old? Help!


Joanne - September 28

No answer, but I'm with ya! No new baby on the way here, but I have an active 17 month old that I'm wondering what we'll do come winter. He LOVES outside and that's where he's happiest. I work in the mornings and we have all afternoon together daily, so I'm not sure what we're in for this winter either - I hate to resort to TV!!


MNMOM - September 28

I used to make a "fort"by putting blankets over the dining room table and we would have a picnic lunch under there, and get out the flashlights and play camping, etc. Art projects (finger painting, cutting, coloring, etc) and baking projects were big hits also...you can also make up games like matching the socks while you fold the laudry, sorting like things into egg carton spots, etc.


waiting100 - September 28

mnmom-THANK YOU for the ideas! Great ideas.


MNMOM - September 28

no prob! when i think of more, i will post again :)


erinsoul - October 10

GOOD LUCK!!!!! I have a 20 month old son and brought new baby sister home a month ago...it's tough. My son is also VERY active and I have a thread going now too because with new baby, he's not taking the loss of attention too well. I keep his toys available to him, got the "mess free" markers and coloring books, when baby is sleeping I spend that time playing with him and including him on household chores. But when I have to attend to baby, he acts up with tantrums and biting or just gets into something naughty. Luckily he is nice to baby, but definitely is rebelling with me. You're lucky you have daycare and playdates to occupy him. Maybe ask his teachers what things he likes best at daycare and you can build on those activities at home...but it will be much harder to attend to him with a new baby. And more tiring. If you have someone to help you, or stay with you a while, that is incredibly helpful...someone just for him. Really, good luck, two of them at those ages can be a real handful, and you have to remember to take care of yourself too.


Erins Mom - October 10

My 20 month old dd and I do mostly the same things everyday, with a few little change ups through out the week. We have singing time, coloring time, she LOVES to help clean right now (I give her her own rag to wipe things down, she hands me dishes out of the dishwasher, select ones of course), she gets to watch veggie tales every day for a half hour, she plays outside for at least an hour or two a day, she loves to read with me and "help" me fold laundry, she goes to a singing group with other kids her age, and play group about once a week, sometimes twice. We go to the park, take the dog for a walk, or to the mall and Iet her play at the little play area there...hmmm...trying to think of what else...oh, helping me measure things for cooking, but that's still pretty selective as well...., I love the fort idea, I'm going to try that one. If I can think of anything else I'll let you know. I also have a new baby on the way due in December, so you'll have to give me advice and helping both of them!


another Karen - October 11

Hello, I'm in Brisbane so I don't know how severe your winter is. I had an under the bed plastic storage box, on wheels, the cheapy ones you can get, I tipped half a bag of sand in it and we'd play for ages with spades, rakes and plastic scone cutters. Then put the lid on when we're finished.


Jmom - October 27

I have a 19 month old DS and a 5 month old: DD :0 So I know about crazy! We go to gymboree once a week, and I signed DS up for a Moms Morning Out once a week too. We also go to playgroups atleast once a week. basically we try to stay busy. I do try to get outside and got to parks or run around the front yard when the weather is nice. I put DD in the Bjorn, so she tags along:) Oh, I also bought some crayons, markers, stickers etc and we do art every once in a while, The tent idea is cute!!!



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