18m Crafts Question

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Wellis10 - April 30

What kind of crafts or art or creative things can you do with an 18m old? My lo is bored and I want to start teaching him colors and different things. What do you recommend?


drea - April 30

my lo is 19 mos and LOVES to color with crayons, but make sure you get the washable kind b/c she loves to color on everything . At daycare they make pictures with those ink dot things that you use at BINGO. Its like little bottles with different colored inks in them with a round felt tip at the end. Also, you could try play-doe, but be careful of your lo eating it. Personally I havent done the play-doe thing, but I know they do it at daycare. You could make your own play-doe with food coloring. Also, you could try chalk on the cement outside. By dd loves to do that, and it just wases away with water so its not messy. Hope this helps.


lin7604 - April 30

i second the coloring with crayons or markers and also the playdough! my son is 18 months and enjoys using crayons and markers once in awhile but he ismore of a outdoors boy adn would rather be outside raking in the gra__s or my flowerbeds.


Wellis10 - April 30

Thanks, there are all great ideas!! Esp the Chalk thing. My lo loves to be outside too, and I think he will love it. Thanks again....O' and the bingo thing....I love that too. I think I may make some paint that is easy to remove and pour it into those things. and let him go at it...lol. Thanks


cubbie - May 1

When my dd was around that age she started to get into stickers, I would print a picture off the internet and give her a sheet of sticker and she would be so content sticking them on.


drea - May 1

Ditto on the sticker thing, except my dd gets frustrated b/c she cant get the stickers off the sticker sheet.


in the woods - May 2

"The Toddler's Busy Book" by Trish Kuffner - a book of ideas for 18mo - 3yo. Quote: "It shows parents and day-care providers how to prevent boredom during the longest stretches of indoor weather with ideas for indoor play, kitchen activities, and arts and crafts projects." I remember that period when I suddenly realized that my baby needed mental/creative stimulation, but the months of babying dulled my own mind... If I didn't use all of the ideas in the book, at least it kick-started my own ability to see things as a potential for inexpensive crafts. Extremely simple ideas - like giving long strips of sticky tape to the toddler, and let her explore.



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