18months And Keeps Taking Off Her Diaper

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debbie80 - February 17

My DD just turned 18 months. Recently she keeps putting her hands down the back of her diaper...l do not know if it is uncomfortable or what....the other day she went poo poo in her diaper and stuch her hands down there and ecided to finger paint her crib!! I keep telling her that poo poo goes in the potty but I do not think she understands it very much....any ideas on how to start potty training? I bought a little potty but she thinks its just a toy lol I would like to just keep her on the big potty..


charee - February 19

My 17 month old has been doing that as well- he walks around with his hand down his diaper!! And when he wakes up in the morning (3x now) he has smeared poop ALLLLL over his crib pillow everything. I am going to start putting onesies on him again!!!


mjvdec01 - February 19

This is an easy fix. Put onsies on your daughter, that way she can't get access to the inside of her diaper.


newbaby2009 - February 19

My daughter started doing this at 16 months and she figured out how to take her pants and onesies off. We went in to check on her one night to find her face down in a poopy diaper. We just kept telling her it was a no-no and she caught on and stopped doing it. Now shes 20 months and only takes it off when she goes to the potty.


jennyr - February 19

Oh yeah I rememer those day! Thank goodness mine is potty trained now. I use to put onies on her at night. Mine would do that in the morning. The onies really helped her not to be able to get it of or get in there. Mine when has far as she took her poopie diaper off and smeared it all over her room, then came in my room and woke me up with her new diaper and wipes in her hand and told me she needed a new diaper. Nice huh. Well the onies worked great but it might be time even though she is young to start introducing the potty! I think it is just a phase but a gross one at that. It really doesn't get much better until they are potty trained. Mine didn't do it all the time but when she did I would get so upset. Good lucK!


kimberly - February 25

Time to start potty training. My dd is 18 months and she is constantly taking off her diaper. I have started potty training this week and she will actual go pee for me. I think the diaper thing is a sign sometimes they may be ready to be potty trained.


sue84 - April 1

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