19 Month Old Drank Cleaning Solution

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Fatima - January 3

Last night, i caught my lo with a cleaning solution bottle in his mouth, I smelled his mouth and it smelled like the cleaning solution so I immediately made him vomit. He seems ok now, but I still cant help but worry that I didnt do enough for him. Should I have taken him to the ER?? It was the fabuloso cleaner, used for mopping and has fragrance.


drea - January 3

wow, that must have been scary. Sounds like he's ok and the fact that he threw up is good, but I would probably give my ped a call just in case. They may tell you to give him something to flush out his system. I hope he's ok.


Nita_ - January 8

OMG! I hope he's OK. I would have immediately called my dr or taking him to the ER..it's good that you had him vomit. Am I glad now that my cleaning stuff is all in one cabinet with the safety lock on!


yumymumy - January 14

i thought with alot of things you do not induce vomiting?? what happened since?


Fatima - January 15

Nothing happened, he is perfectly fine. I read on the label that if accidentaly ingested to slowly drink water or milk and call a physicial if necessary but I didnt read it until after it happened, since that was my first instinct. To get it out of him. But I even took him to the ped later on for a vaccine and he is fine.


sphinx - January 15

I caught one of my daughters teething on a silica gel packet once... you know the ones that say "do not eat" all over it. Well, I freaked out and called the dr and they said it's non-toxic and not to worry about it. Not really the same thing but its good to know


BabyGirl15 - January 17

That must have been a scary situation. For future reference there is a poision control hotline that you can call anytime and ask questions at any time. I live in canada mind you, but its located in the phone book, near the front somewhere. My dd also got into one of those silica pacs (from a shoe box) and ate it. So i phoned and they were very helpful. They ask you questions about how old dd/ds is, how much they ate, and tell you what to do. Its confidential as well. Just wanted to let the moms know about it, incase you didnt already.



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