19 Month Old Won T Listen Anymore

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blueeyesin619 - March 10

I have a 19 month old daughter that has decided she no longer wants to listen to me or my husband and will deliberately do what I ask her not to do. I don't want to spank her because that never worked on me and we are at a loss for what to do. She has always been VERY good uo until now. Time outs don't work wither. Does anyone have an advise? Thanks a million


Krissy25 - March 10

My dd is 19 months too and maybe it's just me, but i really think 19 months is too young to discipline in those type of ways. As frustrating as it may be this is the age where children really start to want their independence. They want to start doing things themselves and they are curious about their surroundings, hence why they get into everything. At my dd's 18 months check up her doctor told us the next 6 months would probably be the hardest. She also recomended picking and choosing your battles. I think that is good advice. For me, when my dd is not doing something i want her to do i just calmly take her hand and guide her away and i'll say something like "let's not do that" or "let's play with this instead." 9 times out of 10 it works and if it doesn't i know it means she is either tired or hungry. Also i would make sure you remove anything that is temptation or she shouldn't be in, put locks on cabinets, close off rooms you don't want her in. I hope this helps, and try and remember it's not that she is becoming a bad kid she is just being a 19 month old.


eclectic66 - March 11

I wish had advice, but rather I offer my sympathy because I too am going through the same thing with my 19 month ds. He has become soooo stubborn and he really is testing us to see how we will react in many situations and you can obviously tell that is what he is doing...lol Dh and I have both been trying several different techniques to see what works best because I agree with Krissy25...I think 19 months is still a bit too young to try the "usual" discipline methods. So far "distraction" has been our best method. It just seems to be the quickest way to resolve things with the least amount of effort and drama...haha Good luck! I know the next few months will definetly be a challenging time for all of us :-)


angelinakai - April 7

My son is 18 months and doing the same thing. time out works sometimes, but he's just a stinker! i get really embarra__sed at restaurants. I just took him to the dollar store and he was being really loud... not bad at all, just singing and laughing and stuff really loud and this old geezer gave me a look from hell. its hurts my feelings when people don't understand that he's at a weird stage... too young to really discipline in the way that you would an older toddler and he's not a baby anymore. It's just a complicated age. I HATE when people see a thred like this and them proceed to say how great their child is and how they would NEVER act up like that. haha.... super annoying


GloriaD - April 8

Do not worry about what other think! If they look at you cross then they obviously were never a parent!Just remember that you'll probably never see these people again:) I agree with the other posters in that they're too young to completely understand, so keep in simple. If its something that is dangerous(like grabbing flat iron cord)then I do use a stern voice with dd and simply tell her "hot" "owie" or other appropriate term. But if she is just being a terd and not getting her way then I I'll face her eye to eye, (like when she was shoving all things belonging to brother/sister that fit into the heat duct upstairs) and tell her no. The good news is that at this age the tantrums don't usually last too long and they definitely have short-timers. I don't know what happened the other day but dd was mad at me and trying to get down from my arms, on the stairs, to throw her fit. When I reached the first floor I let her down and left her to her fit. About 5 minutes later she came walking around to the family room and was all better!!! Toddlers have to test boundaries to determine what's acceptable/unacceptable, gosh I can't wait until she's 2 1/2!!!!!


jodie - April 10

LOL! My daughter is 19 months too and is just like all the rest of these crazies! Today in the car she was screaming and I asked her if she could please stop...and she said "no...I don't want to"....it took everything in me to not start laughing hysterically! I deffinatly think at this age if they are throwing tantrums distracting them is probably your only hope..lol. Sadly the time will fly by though and we will be wishing they were little again!


Cain010507 - April 10

LOL my 22 month old is in the tantrum phase, when he decides to throw his self down and kick and scream kinda like a fish out of water...lol my hubby will literally get on the floor and start rolling around kicking and screaming with him... it does distract him a lot because he goes from tantrum to laughing baby, and mommy goes from laughing to bathroom before she wets herself.. lol although he is going through this phase of screaming like someone is beating the hell out of him, but no one is touching him, everyone says its just an attention getter, but how do you ignore that in public? especially when everyone is staring at you!



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