19 Months Old And Says Only 10 Words Regularly

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b - November 27

My ds says the same 10 words regularly like milk, dog, duck etc. He understands tons of commands so I know he knows more but won't say much. Also when I ask him to point to his nose he refuses. He does know where it is though. I'm worried about him being so slow with his speech. Anyone else at this stage with their child?


lunamoo - November 27

WAIT a minute! Do not worry at all about being "slow with his speech." Language development includes listening and comprehension as well and as you say he is just fine with that. My dd didn't say more than 10 words when she turned 2, but now at 2.5 she is talking up a storm in 3 languages....bilingual household and German at daycare. Enjoy!


b - November 27

Thanks lunamoo. It's so nice to hear positive feedback. He does talk up a storm right now but it's all babble. I know it means something to him but I just don't understand why he won't point to his nose when I ask him. My dr made me feel bad at his 18 month check up when she said to me that he should have learned to point to his eyes, ears and nose already. With comprehension he's excellent and will say duck when he hears the composor a__sociated with the Little Einstein episode of the duck before he even sees the suck. So I know he's aware at least. These doctors sometimes make me feel so bad!


cnasmom - November 28

hi, i have a lil boy that will be 3 in feb. and he doesn't talk well at all. he says maybe 30 words. he tries sometimes, but he is stubborn, and he is in the First steps program. but he is extremely smart at everything else, he can point to all his body parts, and answer questions with yes and no and do almost everything i ask but he just won't talk. i have a 20 month old daughter and she actually talks better than him. it frustrates him tho. everyone says boys talk slower and that some kids don't talk well until they are 3 or 4 so i am trying not worry to much.


Victoria_1985 - November 29

My dd is almost 18 months, she use to say lots of words but now only says up, mama, dada, nana and grandad....thats it! She understands everything you say to her so I don't think anythings wrong.....shes just not ready to say everything...yet!


Joanne - November 29

Don't worry! My DS is 19 months old and all he says is daddy and mama. That's it!! Everything else is babble at this point.


kristie h - November 30

Hi, I cant tell you if you should get him checked out or not but here's my story. My son who is in January talks a lot but also mumbles allot. He would only said words and not sentence, it was sentences that came out as mumbles. I had my youngest son 8 weeks ago and when i was getting him his 10 day check up my doctor noticed that my oldest son was mumbling allot. He asked me if he was like this at home and i would always i thought it was normal. The doctor said he is going to put him into speech therapy but now he talks like a book!! The one hing i have learnt is to NEVER say yes or no or just agree with your LO when you cant understand your LO. If you LO is showing you that he wants fruit out of a fruit basket as him which one then name them as he is going through them. What ever he wants communicate the name for it to him. If he has two pairs of shoes get him to choose which shoes he wants to wear and tell him the name for it. When he communicates with with his hands or mumbles try to understand what he is telling you even if it takes ten minutes, get him to repeat over and over until you understand then you communicate with words what he has just shown you. If he say only the one word at a time, put that one word into a sentence eg "truck" you could say "good boy, that's a very big truck". I have found this has helped my ds alot.


kristie h - November 30

Oh boy.... my typing is bad!! My ds is 3 in january, sorry for the typos.


bbmax - November 30

I feel relieved to hear all of this feedback. I think what worries me is that I read into things too much. I read in Jenny McCarthy's book that tippy toeing and spinning is "right up there" as a sign for autism. My son tip toes and spins a lot but you can see that he is laughing when he does it so it's for fun. Now he is also having a few tantrums. I think what bothers me the most is that my dr was insistent that at 19 months he should be able to point to all of his body parts and I've been saying nose and pointing to it over and over but he REFUSES to do it. Or he'll point to his ears. My neighbour's child is 2 and a half months younger and she can point to her body parts.


b - November 30

Yes that book made me nervous too, but her son was showing lots of signs and not just one. I hear you about the dr though. I guess a lot of them follow the same check list or something.


Meghan - December 9

my sister is almost 3 and she does not speak at all. my 9 month old daughter says more than she does. but she has never been actually tested for autisim and she shows ALOT of the signs. I wouldnt be too worried..when he hits 3 and still says the same word i would be starting to wonder. also my friend's son was almost three before he started stringing sentences together and he is a totally healthy boy.


krc - December 14

my 16 month old only says 3 words. He also refuses to point to his nose when I ask him where it is, instead he points to his ear! He is the only child and I'm not the biggest talker myself, so Im a__suming they develop a bigger vocabulary when they are around lots of talking or other kids. Then again I could be wrong.


another Karen - December 14

I think reading books is often the worst thing we can do. Creates expectations that result with more worries than what made us pick up the book in the first place. I think we value the opinions of older, educated people more than we ought to. My dd is 2.5 and is a different kid to what she was 4-5 months ago with vocabulary. She is very clear with her words, she isn't running many words together but getting there. Our friends daughter is 3 months younger and I can't understand anything she says, my dd was doing better than that 3 months ago. These two kids are so totally different with their abilities in every aspect. Where one is miles ahead the other is far behind.



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