1 Day Off The Bottle Good So Far Will She Return

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andy - August 22

Yesterday I finally got the nerve and put away her bottles ... and put her milk on the nuby sippy cup ... AT first she did not know what was happening , and the flow kind of came too fast for her , she had two sips , and thew it away , got down from my bed and went running to her dad ... maybe trying to complain who knows ... But I tried again ... this time holding her next to me like when you br___tfeed , and just kind or rocked her and sing and she figured out that it was time to drink it ... so SHE DID !!! almost all of it ... first she gagged a bit , then kind of did not want any more when she was like half way down , but then requested more ... and then fell asleep...yeah ... today she looked at it like weird .. then just kind of had to go with it ... I am happy .. specially since in my last talk with my SIL , who has a 4yo and a 20mo , trying to talk about getting the babies out of bottles and blah blah blah ... she said I AM not taking the bottle away (from the 4yo, less from the 20mo) beacuse I had it till I was 8yo and will save a lot of complaining with the transition ... So will my dd completelly forget about her bottle ?? or will get fussy with the cup anytime , specially if she sees a bottle on some other baby ... thanks !!


ginger6363 - August 22

hi, andy, sounds like we are in the same boat and I am wondering the same thing. I just took away my dd's bottle and she's been exclusively using a sippy for 1.5 days...she fussed a bit but eventually took it. I don't think she's eating as much as she normally does with a bottle, so we'll see how it goes. My dd is almost 1 yr (in 4 days), how old is your dd?


andy - August 22

Hey ginger ... My dd is almost 17 months but when I tryed the cup at 12 months she just was not ready ... She is now ónly on 2 bottles a day , 7 onz each... She just wont take more... But she is a good eater... Good luck!


lilslettebak - August 26

Andy and Ginger...getting rid of the bottle can be a big thing for the little one...my dd is 18 1/2 months old and I got rid of her bottle about 12 months, on accident basically. Wen to my parents and trying to decide what I didn't have to take at that time, knew they had bottles, but forgot about being different nipples. So we kinda took it from there and it was ok. She did ask for it a couple of times, but once she got used to getting a sippy before bed, she was fine. Your dd's will get used to it and it will work out. Just try telling them that it's "gone" or "be a big girl"...Good lucK!!


ginger6363 - August 26

thanks for the advice, lilslettebak. Well, it's been almost a week for us and no bottle since then! We had a couple of bad days where she refused the sippy (and I almost gave in!) but we held our ground. Of course, I've bought ever sippy known to man in the last 4 days trying to find the "right" one. We tried the playtex hard spout---she hated it and it was too tough to suck out the milk. We tried the regular nuby---it leaked like crazy. We tried the take-n-toss cups by First Year, she takes this one occa__sionally, but the flow is very, very slow. We tried the Sa__sy sippy (a lot like the original nuby) but it didnt leak---she wouldn't touch it. We finally settled on the "no drip" nubby with handles---the flow was too much for dd at first, but she's finally getting the hang of it. I think we're gonna make it bottle-free!!! How's it going with you, Andy?


ginger6363 - August 26

Oh, and she can't say bottle but she can sign the word milk. She kept signing and we kept giving her the sippy. She'd push it away and sign milk. It was tough for about a day, but it's much better now. Also, I've noticed her milk intake has decreased and her solids have increased. She used to take 4, 8 oz bottles, now it's 2-3, 8 oz sippys.


andy - August 27

Hi !!! its been 5 days and it has been great , its like she does not remember the bottle ... Although this nuby soft spout sippy may act like a transition sippy they have been great hor her , and she is even having more milk , as she was only taking like 6 onz each bottle but now she will take 8 onuces and faster ... SHe is only on 2 bottles a day , Has been for a month now... DD cant say milk or bottle or anything as she is not the speaker tipe but a pointer , but now where her bottles used to be are just the cups so she will piont and get a sippy ... She even likes them for water , but I bought a hard spout ones for anything but milk and they have been working too ... hopefully they will stay on this track !!!!


ginger6363 - August 27

sounds like your transition is going well, andy! dd is quick learner!



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