1 Yo Biting Please Help

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inuk-mama - September 25

My 1 yo son stays at his grandma's house during the day with his cousin who is 19 months. His cousin started the whole biting thing a few months ago, and DS would start doing it on occasion. Well it seemed to stop but yesterday while I was holding him and we were looking at pictures, he paid his head on my shoulder and chomped down! It hurt so much that I yelled in pain. I set him down to go check because I seriously thought he'd broke skin! A nice bruise popped up immediately, My worry is that with a new baby on the way (Due november 16th) what if this behavior continues? And what if he bites his brother and sisters at home? Or his cousin? How do I stop this biting thing!??


inuk-mama - September 26



jb - September 29

It sounds to me that he is biting because he is teething. My daughter (19 months) does the same thing. It feels so good to them to bite down on something. It relieves the pain to an extent. I think the best thing you can do is to tell your ds, "ouch, that hurt's mommy". If he thinks it is funny (my dd always thoguht it was!) say the same thing, but then put him down and walk away. That way he will know that he gets a negative reaction from you when he bites. It may take a little while, but he will get it. Also, some people might tell you to give their hand a little swat. I am totally against that. I think that delivers the message that it is ok to hit. Just stick to verbal communication and walking away from him if need be.Good luck.


K8 - September 30

Hi, my 14 month old has had the biting urge for a few months now and whenever she does it i say "No Biting" in a stern voice and put her on the floor and walk away for a minute or so. Usually she realises quickly that i wont play with her if she continues to do it, but some days she tries to push the boundaries and goes to bite again and i just do the same thing. It hurts sooooo bad and she especially thinks toes look apetising so if your sitting on the couch and she is on the floor watch out!!! She sneaks up and gobbles a toe and bites hard!!! Very cheeky! :)


mrsfiveday - October 2

my 15 month old has this bad habit as well...he bites really hard when he doesn't get his way...he bites my dh whenever he fels...All you can do is a stren NO and hope they grow out of it.



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