22 Month Old Won T Eat

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joeysmom - October 9

My son is 22 months old and has stopped eating. He used to eat everything we put in front of him. Now he only eats about one meal a day and even that is a huge struggle. I have tried reading books to get ideas and they have sort of helped. I don't put him in his booster seat anymore and that seems to help a little. I don't force him to eat anything and I don't punish him if he doesn't eat. I try to be calm and just let him make a mess and do whatever but It only seems to be helping a little. He doesn't like pizza, noodles, vegetables, turkey, ham, chicken pretty much nothing. Does anyone have any other ideas on how to get my son to eat? It's driving me crazy.


ds1970 - October 11

We almost always have to distract our son (20 mos. old) with various toys in order to get him through a meal. He goes through periods of eating great, accepting a big variety of foods, and then he will just not feel like eating for a few days. It's hard not to freak out, because he is on the very low end of the weight spectrum, so he doesn't have a lot to spare!! But the toys REALLY help. Sometimes if he is eating a yogurt, I let him hold the carton, and while he's busy squishing that around, I am able to get several spoonfuls in, sometimes the whole yogurt! We use a lot of different toys, but things that have wheels that he can play with and spin around work really well, alo those stacking rings...anything that holds his attention and gets his mind off the fact that he's eating!! Hope this helps!!


jessb - October 11

Ha! My 20 month old dd eats hardly anything everyday. I have tried everything. I finally just relaxed and figured she would eat when she gets hungry. I offer 3 healthy meals a day and a couple healthy snacks a day. She picks a little bit on each. One thing I have noticed is I try not to let her fill up on milk (she hardly ever gets juice) about an hour before dinner. This helps a little.



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