2 Year Old Blues

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olivia - November 26

My dd turned two in August and her brother will be one it two weeks. He has just started to walk and she has turned beastly. On top of that she seems to be wanting to potty train. She won't wear clothes, diapers, or underpants. If we pin her down to get her dressed she just takes them all off. I have tried closing her in her room but she'll just lay down and take a nap and when she wakes up she still won't get dressed. Right when she has to go potty she asks for a diaper so I have been telling her no today and making her use the potty. On top of all this she is attacking and pushing down her now walking brother. This is two year old h__l. Any suggestions before I go completely insane?


cae - December 20

Sry , olivia I dont have any advice, but I thought I would bump up your thread for anyone who could help.


mjvdec01 - December 20

Have you tried letting her chose what she wears? My daughter is 22 months old and I haven't run in to this problem, but a friend of mine did. She took her daughter and bought her a tutu, and told her that she could only wear it over her clothes because it was scratchy. Now they have no problem getting her dressed but she is wearing the tutu everyday. I don't know where you live but around here you can find tutu's for little girls at some department stores and you may even be able to find one at wal mart. My girlfriend got hers at Nordstrom. As far as attacking and pushing her younger brother... have you started time-out's yet? It is one minute for every year of age, so for her I would go with 2.5 minutes. What works best for me is to let her know what it is she has done wrong, if it is a repeat offense there is no need to give a warning because she knows. I put her in a corner and sit with my legs out blocking the corner so she can't get out. I watch the clock and DO NOT make eye contact. If she comes toward me I put my hand out to gently nudge her back in to the corner. When the time is up I tell her that she can come out of time-out and remind her of why she was there, and tell her that I love her but that we just don't behave that way. Then I give her a hug and let her go. This has worked wonders for us, I got the method from Dr. Sears (he is a renound pediatrician) One other thing he says is that the bedroom or crib should NEVER be used as a place for punnishment. If she is throwing tantrums at home then you have to ignore her. They do it for the pay-off. If you don't respond then she will find there is no point and stop, it may take a week or two, but she will get it. When you go out in public, before you leave the house and again before you get out of the car, remind her of where you are going and how she is expected to behave. If she acts up you have to be prepared to leave immediately and punnish when you get home. I know it is hard. I had a rough time for a while also, but if you stick to these methods things will get better, I promise. Cross my throat and hope to choke! Don't give in and pick your battles. I am sure you are a terriffic mom. :o} Hope this helps, let me know how it goes.


olivia - December 27

Well, update of sorts. She is wearing clothes again but only uses the potty on her own terms. I guess we are giving up for a little while because it is such a nightmare project. She is being a lot better with her brother but still has her moments when he goes after "her" toys. Charlie is holding his own through it all. We had done time outs but she enjoyed them. She would kick or hit him and then ask when I was going to give her a time out, so we had to go a different route and ignore as much as possible so long as Charlie can stand it. Do anybody else's 2 year olds like time outs? She thinks it is great I will have to ignore Charlie to tend to her sitting on the steps! Thanks for bumping this Cae, when I had posted a while back I was really desperate. I guess things have gotten back to some sort of less chaos. At least we get her to wear clothes now! We just ended up waiting it out and my mom helped by getting her some training pants with cute pictures on them and took her shopping for some new things. She is 27 months and Charlie just turned 1 last week! So sometimes I go a bit mad trying to sort out what to do with these two. Thanks for all the input, right now she is coloring and so cute, at least they give back what they take of our sanity!


mjvdec01 - December 27

The liking time-out is a phase, if you are consistent in putting her there every time she will learn to hate it and it will work. Right now she is pushing your b___tons by telling you in so many words that she likes it. If you use the method I mentioned it will work, it just takes time. If you ignore the aggressive behavior it will get worse and will lose respect, that is something that you don't want to have happen. At 27 months it is reversible fairly easily, but if you wait you will be in trouble.



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