2 Yr Old Thinks He S A Baby Again

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luvmybaby1 - February 19

I am pregnant with my second son, due in April. The last couple days, I have been getting some one my son's old things out for the baby to use. Now, my son wants to play with the stuff all the time! He wants to use a pacifier, sit in the baby carrier, drink from a bottle, and even whines and pouts like a baby. He doesn't do this all the time, but I am concerned. Did any one else go through this? I'm sure it is totally normal, especially since he is too young to fully understand. Anyone else have this happen? Thanks!!


DDT - February 19

I am going through the same thing with my 2 year old son. His little brother is 8 months old and when we brought him home from the hospital ds1 has been interested in all the baby stuff. It isn't alarming to me though...it's completely normal and I think its actually quite cute. He wants to jump in the Jumperoo on occasion, or sit in the Bumbo, or use the soother. But it isn't a constant thing, and he does realize they belong to his brother. He offers him the bottle and soother. He asks to jump in "Jaxon's (ds2) jumperoo." He also asks to go into ds2's crib (ds1 is in a toddler bed) and then pretends to be his little brother by fake wailing and kicking his arms and legs. It must be exciting for your ds to see all these gadgets he hasn't seen in a while. It's a novelty, and because you are putting so much attention on these things he just wants to be part of the action. Good luck on the impending arrival of your 2nd bub!


Wellis10 - April 17

It is very normal. Your baby you do everything for and you two yr old wants that attention too. He is use to being to only one and the center of attention and now he has to share it. I usually tell my 3 yr old, that he is not a baby and that he can help mommy take care of the baby. I usually ask him to help me by asking him to the diaper for me. Or can he take the bottle to daddy to feed the baby. Throw the stinky diaper in the trash, show baby how to pee pee in the potty, make sure she doesn't fall off the couch (not that he'll be able to catch her but he thinks so) To get her shirt/pants for me out of the drawer. Or that baby needs a kiss night night. And so on. This helps alot, after he does something for you, appraise him. "Thanks you for helping mommy, you are such a big boy" Or clap your hands, or say baby says thank you and lean her over to kiss him. Hope this helps.



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