2yr Old Keeps Waking Up At Night

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lrodriguez83 - May 2

My son turned 2 in March and he continues to wake up every night. Its at different times but he will wake up crying out for me. Its mommy mommy mommy over and over even if I am holding him. After a few minutes he will fall back asleep and sometimes wake up again a few hrs later sometimes not at all. I just found out I am pregnant so I am so tired and once I wake up with him, it takes me forever to go back to sleep. Anyone else going through this?


RMC - May 5

lrodriguez83 - My 15 month old wakes up every night still. He has moaned in his sleep since he was bored and he wakes up for his pacifier everynight if it falls out of his mouth. Also, there have been several nights he wakes up screaming, wide awake, and then we are up for 2 or 3 hours waiting for him to get tired again. I'm not sure what the solution is yet, because my other 3 kids slept through the night by 6 months. Someone hellllpppp (:


alicia - May 6

my son turned two in january and he's been doing it for prolly a good 2-3 months now...he wakes up crying and screaming for me and will not stay in his bed. i feel so bad cuz hes so upset from something that i let him in our bed until he falls back asleep. i think they're at the age where they're getting bad dreams.


sweetpea101506 - May 31

My daughter is 20 months old and does the same thing (I'm also due in two weeks). She's been doing this for a while and it really stinks because she doesn't stay in bed either and if we shut her bedroom door or put a gate up she will scream and cry until she hyperventilates herself. She never had problems sleeping through the night or in her own bed until a few months ago. The only thing I've found that keeps everyone sleeping a little longer and more rested (I know it's always made out to be a no-no) was just letting her fall back to sleep in our bed when she wakes up and just moving her back to hers when she's out again. Sometimes she sleeps through the night without so much as a peep, sometimes she gets up 2-3 times a night. I agree with alicia, I think it's nightmares. Plus, kids are smart, they know whats going on. He probably knows something is going on, not necessarily that theres a baby in mommy's tummy though. Well, good luck with your son, and the pregnancy. Hopefully it's just a phase.


fefer1 - May 31

my dd is 20 months old, and I have another due in 2 days,and she has recently been waking up crying at 2 or 3am. Sometimes she goes right back to sleep if I tuck her in again but other times I have to hold her with her blanky and she will calm down and go back to sleep. We have never brought her to bed with us thank goodness -a habit we won't have to break. :) She does sometimes wake back up and cry or fuss for a bit but usually just goes back to sleep. Sometimes I'm positive she is awake when she cries/screams and I go in there and she's asleep so I think it's dreams. I just try to be there for a few minutes till I know she's calm and falling back asleep.


Justine1 - June 3

Both my 1 year old and my 2 year old wake up several times at night. I find to get them to sleep initially they need to be separated then the 1 year old will go to sleep quite quickly. The 2 year old seems to believe life's too short for sleeping and would ideally light to go nightclubbing all night! Last night though she did actually sleep but she's in a cot in our room and she was shouting out in her sleep all night so it wasn't much better - lol. I could hear her say "I told you its my turn now" and "Nick wants a monster" and "its not me" so she must have conservations with herself in her sleep. The 1 year old will sleep through in our bed with me but he kicks DH out of the bed as he wants it to be just me and him!! He then says "duddles momma duddles" cuddles me and kisses me and goes to sleep with a big smile. Its lovely for me and him but DH doesn't like being kicked out. Not sure what the solution is.



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