5am Wake Up Call

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DDT - February 4

My ds1 is 23 months old and for the last 2 weeks or so he has been getting up at 5am. Waaay too early in my book! Normally he would wake-up between 6:30-7am. He has 1 nap a day for 1.5-2 hrs long. He is in bed by 7-7:30pm. He has always gone to bed at this time. I tried putting him to bed later (8pm) and he still got up at 5am. I thought it might have to do with his nap but the other day he refused to take his nap altogether and still managed to get up at 5am the next morning. If I leave him in his bed after he wakes up he will continue to scream and shriek, and because he shares a room with his 8 month old brother it is a little hard to manage. Typically I have been bringing him into the bed with me (my husband leave for work at 5:15am) but he doesn't sleep. He thinks it's play time. This morning I put him into the portable crib that is in our room and (after much initial screaming) he dozed in and out of sleep until 6:30am. How do I remedy his early wake-up time? any ideas?


fifijeep - February 16

Hi, my now 17 month old went thru this exact thing around 12 months. He has a very similar sleep pattern except takes two 1.5 hr naps a day. He goes to bed by 8 at the latest. He normally would wake up like clockwork at 7 am every day but started this 5 am thing all of a sudden and like you, we tried to put him to bed later but nothing made a difference. And he's always put himself to sleep so he also though it was playtime if I brought him to our bed. It was my husband who actually solved the issue. I wasn't there early one morning when he woke up, so my husband got a sippy cup of milk, gave him the cup and went back to bed! My ds took the milk, drank it and went back to sleep for another 2 hrs! Now, 7 months later that's our routine. One of us gets up to give him his milk and then that puts him back down. The other thing I was told if that doesn't work (I never had to try this) was to increase his time of going to bed in 15 min. increments till he's going to bed later, and hope that makes him want to sleep in.. ? Hope this helps!



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