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chrissi79 - January 27

Here is our first official Toddler thread ladies...wow!!!


KimS - January 28

Hey chrissi, glad you started this.. wow toddlers huh!!! glad to hear Adrina's party went well, the cake you made was awesome, I saw the pics on facebook.. wow you are talented..it inspired me to look into making a cake.. but opted to buy one that looks like a toy drum instead!! do you have a back to work date yet? mine is Feb 11... it's hard to believe it's only 2 weeks away!!! goodluck with the daycare interviews, and just know that Adrina will LOVE it!!! all the other kids to play with and she'll be learning sooo much... I believe in daycare I think the social development is sooo important, and us adults can only give them so much ya know? I was a little sad the first few days I put him in but now I'm okay.. well must go study, I've got a test today, I'm trying to get a job with the Feds and I'm now at the stage where they test my language capabilities.. in french that is.. so I go for a half hour talk to someone in french and they decide what level I get... I'm a little nervous since I don't speak french very regularily and my vocabulary isn't great... we'll see!!! talk to you later.. Kim.. hope to see you other ladies here soon!!


chrissi79 - January 28

Hey Kim - ohh, I hope you do great with your French test!!! Wow, that's intense, huh? GL!! My back to work date sort of depends on when daycare will start for her...but within the next couple weeks for sure! I know I will be sad too...unfortunately we are going to have to go with a licensed home care as opposed to a centre. They don't take them before 18 -24 months in my area. Anyway, hopefully our interviews go well and I can start back soon. Hey, I saw your pics from Disney - they are great! You guys look like you had a great time!!! :) Ok, must go, will check in later!


mamagoose - January 28

Hi everyone! I guess Tyler knew we were pronouncing our lo's toddlers now, because last night he took his first steps! He took 3 steps at a run but he was leaning so far forward he fell face-first into my arms. I think he's spent so much time leaning forward while pushing stuff around (like his car or stroller) that he doesn't quite get the concept that he has to stand up straight to walk, hehe. I see a lot of face planting in the near future. DDT- I was actually with the Richmond pre-natal clinic for all my preggo stuff (my fam dr. is in Richmond, so he refers to them), so my u/s was in Richmond. Tyler was born at Richmond G.H. too... I really liked the prenatal clinic, but I'm hoping my Dr can refer me to one in Surrey or Langley next time, that 1 hour drive in rush hour traffic while I was in labour was a killer! DB- Any sign of your evil friend, or is af still mia? Kim- Good luck with the language test, I had to do one of those too but since I'm in BC and nobody speaks french, my c___ppy Ontario French immersion school french turned out to be way better than my tester's, lol! I'm sure if I'd been tested in Ontario they would've been rolling their eyes at me. Chrissi- that's awesome Adrina did so well at her 1st b-day party, I hope you took lots of pics! OK off to make myself useful and do some housework.


k-j - January 28

Toddlers already! Wowzers!! Congrats Tyler On those steps!! Jaycie is having her birthday day party on the 10th. Were having a princess party. Tiaras everything! I'm kinda freakin today my bbs have been hurting so bad. Hopefully that means af is coming here soon.=)


DB - January 28

WOW-Toddlers!! Crazy crazy crazy!!! Kim-SOOO glad you had a good time. I cannot wait to take Audrey to Disney World! Maybe this summer or fall while she's still an only child. I'm jealous Logan's gotten more teeth! Audrey still has just the three. The fourth has been a white bump forever and it just won't cut thru! mamagoose-I think Tyler's hair cut is cute!! He is really looking like a little boy! Congrats on the first steps! I cannot wait for that! DDT-when do you start back at work?!?! I'm getting anxious for your u/s! Is it this friday? I think it's the same day as Audrey's 1 year appt. k-j...sore bb's were my only pregnancy symptom! Hopefully that is not the case for you if you don't want it to be ;) How's Kadence feeling??? Gavinsmom-nice to hear from you again!!! Glad all is well. Justine-I saw your pics! Your kids are too cute! I'm jealous of all your travels! Well, no af :( I called my nurse. She had to talk with the doc and call me back, so I knew something is not right..usually she just tells me what to do or when to come in. So, the doc said they'll do labs on Wednesday a.m. So, either af will show and I'll do my baseline u/s and b/w or I will do just b/w I think to figure out what is up?!?!? SOOOO annoying! The worst part is I keep thinking I feel crampy and for nothing! DDT-I'm on like cd42, which is not abnormal for me. I DO NOT have normal cycles. When I was ttc Audrey I didn't get my af for like 90+ days and would have to get an rx for provera (progesterone) to make af come. It's sooo annoying. I only seem to have somewhat normal cycles when I'm taking clomid since it makes me O by about cd 17, so I may end up with a 32 day cycle. Oh Lord, I hope I'm lucky and get preg. the first cycle. I DO NOT want to be the "fat bridesmaid" at my friend's wedding (which is one year from Thursday.) Anyways, I'm rambling. Gotta figure out what to feed people at Audrey's b-day party this sat. I don't cook, so i'm hoping we can get some Italian beef, mostaccoli and salad for a reasonable amount of money!


DDT - January 28

Hi ladies! Well, I believe Caden has Roseola. Fever was gone suddenly last night and today when he went into the bath df saw a light red rash on his torso. My doc never even mentioned Rosela but then I remembered Adrina had the same thing. When I checked my medical book it's EXACTLY what Caden had even down to the sudden fever with seizures. The Aquarium was lots of fun today even though Caden could have been in a better mood. We got lots of great pics and he loved the dolphins especially. Caden is going for his 1st day of daycare tomorrow!! 7:30-4:30pm so it's a long day. The longest he's ever been away from me I believe. Hopefully he does fine. I am going out and getting my hair cut (which I haven't done since I was like 2 months pp) as a treat. KimS: Good luck with your French test!! I am sure you will do fine. mamagooose: I called the u/s place today and they gave me their address...I hope they let me know the s_x. I know some u/s places in Surrey have a policy not to disclose the s_x. I really want to know, and my doc made a point of writing that on my requistion form. Gavinsmom: It's nice to hear from you again! It sounds like Gavin is doing great. I am also looking forward to those first steps...hopefully I don't miss it while he's at daycare. DB: I start work on the 4th Feb. Yup, the BIG u/s is this Friday. I am curious to see exactly how far along I am. I think I am 20-21 wks just because I can feel kicks and prods from baby just above my belly b___ton. Is there any possible way you could be preggers and they missed it? or is Miss. AF just teasing you by not showing her face? what a b*$%#...hehe!


DB - January 28

DDT-I wish. They do quant_tative b/w (meaning they see the number of hcg). They 'll redo it Wednesday, but I HIGHLY doubt it. I don't think dh and I have done the deed enough lately. He was out of town a lot last week for a trade show and after vacation we were exhausted. I really hope they'll tell you the s_x if they can see it. Audrey's privates looked like two little white lines! So, maybe you'll see that?!?!? Or else you probably know what the boy u/s looks like huh?!?! Ok, off to bed I think...dh is out playing poker! Talk to you later!


KimS - January 28

Hey ladies, DB sorry to hear AF hasn't come urrgggg and I understand about the white bump, Logan has had 3 on the top like that for about 2 months, and two of them just came through when I was in Florida. DDT good luck with daycare tomorrow, and have fun getting your haircut! I'm sure Caden will do great and have lots of fun playing all day! my french test was okay I think, I'll find out this week hopefully what level they a__ses me. Chrissi, I lucked into the daycare centre Logan's in, most only take them at 18 months here too, but this was one of the only ones that takes babies, when I went for the interview they actually had a 1 month old!!! I couldn't believe it! How did your interviews go? mamagoose Tyler's haircut is sooo cute, I'm taking Logan next week for his... hope it's just as cute, congrats on the steps he'll be running in no time at all. DB hope that you conceive quickly... how's Audrey doing with the allergies? Gavinsmom, nice to hear from you, sounds like Gavin is doing great, that's so cute that he likes to vacuum... Well talk to you ladies tomorrow.


KimS - January 29

Happy Birthday ADRINA!!!!! oh my goodness hard to believe it!!!! Hope you guys have a great day.


k-j - January 29

Hey ladies! Well AF finally came this morning. Thank god! I still have pounds to shed so I am definetly not ready to be pregnant again.I have something that has been bothering me so I gotta see what you guys think about this.. I really do want one more child. My husband says no more! Was your husbands all for it when you were ready to get pregnant again? And maybe he is just saying this I don't know. I just hope a in a couple years when I'm ready and have lost my weight he is ready. He keeps telling me if Jaycie was our first child he would of never had a 2nd. Ha ha.. She is so bratty! LOL I always joke around with him and tell him "Well I'll just poke a hole in your condom" LOL But anyways I would never want to have another child and him not want to. I would feel like the child is unwanted. Anyways.I don't know..DDT-good luck Caden on your 1st day of daycare. I hope your feeling better. So are you going to find out the gender of the little one?Gavinsmom -Hey lady it has been forever since I have talked to ya! I need to get your myspace again. Wow that's alot of pokin Gavin got done. How is he feeling?DB -Kadence is doing much better. He's able to move his neck now. It gets better each day. The doctors keep calling to check on him. I think there afraid they did something and I'm gonna sue them or something. Cause I have never had a doctor call me so much!Well I gotta try to get Jaycie to take a nap. --Kari


k-j - January 29

¤ø,¸¸,ø¤ºHaPpY ¤ø,¸¸,ø¤ºBiRtHdAy ¤ø,¸¸,ø¤ºAdRiNa!!¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º FrOm JaYcIe GrAcE!


k-j - January 29

Ok so that didn't work out! Sorry! I had a neat thing made up. Anyways Happy 1st Adrina!!


DDT - January 29

Hello ladies! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADRINA! The first of the babes to turn 1 year old. Whoo hoo! Well, I feel like a chicken with its head cut off. Caden is not home...I had to wake him up, get him ready this morning and kiss him goodbye. SO sad! I hope he does fine at daycare. I keep having these mental images of him sobbing looking for me...especially going down to nap in a foreign place. My baby! I am tempted to call the daycare to see how he's doing but I don't want to come across as a needy parent so I will hold off. I am also stuck at home all day today because we are snowed in. It started snowing at 8pm last night and is supposed to snow until tomorrow night. I hate driving in the snow, so I am only going out the pick Caden up. Oh well, its a movie/couch day today. My df lovingly reminded me that these next 2 days with Caden "trying" out his daycare will be the last days of personal freedom I will have for the next 25 years. Hah, how depressing! I start work next week and then in about 4 months time will be having to deal with a newborn (again!) AND toddler. My life is over! (haha *I'm being over-dramatic!). I will pop in later tonight to tell you all how Caden did and read some posts. TTYL!


mamagoose - January 29

HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY ADRINA!! Can you believe it! I bet you're reminiscing about where you were on this moment one year ago, Chrissi. Wow, 1! And Audrey's in just a few more days! Well, I'm braving the odds and we're going to try taking Tyler to visit my parents again, they live about 5 hrs away on Vancouver Island, so we have to take a ferry and drive 100 km. I hope he's better at bedtime this go-round... On Thursday my mom is going to take care of him for the day and we're going skiing, I can't wait! As DDT said, we got a huge dump of snow last night, and it's still going strong... on the local morning news show (breakfast television) they asked people to send in pics of their kids in the snow, so I sent in one of Tyler in his little snow suit making a snow angel, and they put it on the show! The anchor-woman gushed about it, I was a proud mama. We had a scary incident yesterday... at lunch, Tyler choked on a piece of toast. It was a bad one, suddenly his face turned purple and his eyes were bugging out, and he was holding still making no sound... I ripped him out of his high chair (d__n those straps!), put him face down on my lap and gave him a huge whack on the back, and the toast came rocketing out. He started gasping and crying, so I swooped him up to my shoulder, and he threw up on my hair and neck, poor little guy! Anyway, after our clean-up he was no worse for wear, but I'm so glad that toast came out so quickly. We went into our daycare today too, just to get ready for his first solo mission next week. I'm dropping him off for half-days next week on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, so I'll be able all alone. I haven't been really alone at all in the last year, even when he's sleeping I know he's just in the next room and I'm the one responsible for him, so it will be strange not to have to look after him. OK the little darling woke up after 30 minutes of napping, sigh...


chrissi79 - January 29

Hi everyone...well she's officially ONE!! Thanks for the bday wishes everyone!! :) We just got back from a lengthly portrait session at Sears...lol took a long time...Adrina was ALL OVER the place...I guess that's one of the downfalls with an early walker though hahah! We got some GREAT shots though...i was really happy with them :) Although we dont' get them till valentine's day :( boo! Anyhoo...k-j: That's so cute, I hope the party is great!! Sounds like it will be very pretty haha ;) Mamagoose: Yay he took his first steps huh?? VERY exciting!!! Go Tyler!! Gavinsmom: lol I love the running...Adrina gets super excited when you say you're gonna catch her! lol Often it ends in a thump!! My gosh, poor guy with the shots!! Geez...we have Adrina's one year appt. on Thursday and I'm not looking forward to it one bit!! I have to ask the dr. why she's been stuffed up for a month too!! Good Lord...poor kid can't breath thru her nose! DB: Good luck at the dr's - I hope things progress for you - and soon!! No more teeth for Audrey either eh? Well...we have # 3 TRYING to come thru, but it doesn't look like any time soon. "sigh" lol DDT - I'm not surprised that's what Caden has...it sounded EXACTLY how she was 2 months ago with it, and my dr. never mentioned it either, I just realized that's what it was from when my gf's baby had it the year before. And she had the exact symptoms that Caden had too...that d__n fever seemed like it was never going away...he should def. start to feel better ASAP :) The rash never seemed to bother Adrina though, it was there for a few days, and then gone. Fingers crossed he's cleared up in a couple days!! :) Kim - that's very lucky that you got Logan in that place! AND full time too...I know many ppl who have been on lists forever, then they only get their LO's in a couple days a week for a while...sucks!! Our first interview last night went ok...the lady was lovely...very soft spoken and gentle, and she has THREE BOYS!!! lol Anyway, while she was very nice, and we DID like her, we are going to go for some more interviews (might as well...we paid the $50 reg. fee!!), and hopefully we find something, but we are not panicking if we don't. I even have considered taking in a daycare kid or two myself...we'll see. DDT - hope Caden had a good day a daycare!! :) Let us know how it went...OK gtg clean up a bit...I have been out most of the day, and we are having our parents over tonight for cake, so I should tidy a LITTLE bit while the birthday girl snoozes!! haha TTYL!! ~Chrissi


DB - January 29

HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY TO ADRINA!!! I still can't believe they're all close to 1!!!! Glad the pics went well too! I can't wait to get Audrey's done!! DDT-hope Caden had a good time at daycare!!! Kim-yes the white bumps...what a tease!!! Funny she got the two white bumps at the same time and then the one on her left came thru in days and here we are just waiting for the right one! mamagoose-have a really good time skiing! I wish I knew how...Looks like tons of fun. We were in Aspen in March and Audrey was only 7 weeks old so me and her hung out all day in the hotel while dh and his family went skiing. Pretty mountains though! k-j...dh is dead set on two kids!! Secretly a small part of me wishes for twins this time around because he knows if that happens then there's nothing we can do about it and then I'd have my three kids, but then part of me thinks I would go insane with three LO's under the age of 2!!! We'll see what happens!! I think I could sway him to having another if #2 is a singleton. His dad says I wear the pants in our family, LOL!!! Dh threatens to get a vasectomy though!! What a jerk!! Well, no shocker here, no AF!!! Sooooo annoyed! At least tomorrow I should get an idea what the hell is going on! Now, I have to shave my legs tomorrow morning in case they want to do a ultrasound, LOL!!! I hate getting probed at 7am in the morning!!!! Well, we looked at that house today. It was nice, but smaller than I expected. The ceilings had wierd sparkly textures on them! Odd?!?!? The kitchen was gorgeous though, but we are going to keep on looking and get our house organized and put it on the market I think....what a task to take on!! It was hard enough moving out of an apartment into a house! Yikes! Ok, I hopefully have some good news tomorrow about af or something! TTYL!!



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