Help Need 9 Month Old Foods

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Kena - September 29

Hi Ladies, My DD who is 9 months old will not eat baby food (except applesauce). She only has her two bottom teeth. She does really well chewing and can eat a variety of breakfast foods but I am out of ideas for lunch and dinner. She is getting tired of mashed potatoes and noodles. I need to cook something that she can eat but that is also healthy. Anyone have any ideas?


DB - September 30

What about finely chopping some foods that she used to eat pureed? For instance my food processer shreds really well, so when I make my dd's chicken (8 months old), I use the shred blade to get her used to textures...maybe shredding chicken, chopping different fruits and veggies for her would make them more appealing? I'm sorry, i'm not quite there yet, but maybe my ideas will help?!?!?


eclipse - October 1

How about fruit cups, yogurt, bananas, shredded chicken, pasta and sauce, macaroni and cheese, cooked sweet potatoes or avocadoes in chunks, lean ground beef with veggies (shepard's pie-you can use your mashed potatoes!), frozen veggies that you can microwave until tender work well. Also, I know you said she hates baby food, but my son LOVES Earth's Best organic baby food. The 3rd stage is really really good (I try everything I give him) and chunky and it is a huge hit with him. They sell it here in FL at Publix, but some health stores have it too, the website also sells it and gives locations where it is sold in stores. it is earths best dot com. They also sell other foods, like toddler and formula as well. That's all I've got at 2am, sorry :D


Perl - October 1

I take the tofu bits out of my miso soup and feed those to my ds (10 1/2 months old) and he gobbles it up. Also little avocado "sandwiches" are a hit:I take one slice of wheat bread (no seeds) cut off the crusts and then mash some avocado onto it and then cut it up into little squares and fold the squares in half and I press down to flatten the bread a bit to make it easier to eat and so little hands don't get as dirty. Yogurt is also a good healthy food. Also beans are healthy and really easy to eat. I feed my ds black beans but only a bit at a time as a side dish since I don't want him to get too ga__sy.



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