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K - June 4

What symptoms did your little ones have when getting their molars? My poor dd started running a low fever last Fri. night , had a little rash on one of her cheeks and was occasionally coughing. I thought it might be her second molars coming in because she was sticking her hands in the back of her mouth too, but I didn't see anything. She hasn't run a fever at all since Sunday, but she has been acting more tired than usual, and now she is coughing a little more and seems a little congested. I looked in her mouth today, and sure enough the two bottom molars have poked through, one top one has a tip through, and the other top area looks white like it will poke through anytime. I'm thinking all of her symptoms are molar related as it seems like I remember that she was this way when her first molars came in too. Anyone else's kids have all these symptoms with their molars too?


DeeD - June 5

My kids always get a runny nose, sometimes a fever, and a stinky-chemical smelling poop. Everytime.


sphinx - June 6

one of my twins sprouted all 4 overnight with no warning and the other twin has taken forever to get them and its a slow and painful process. Lots of crankiness. She chewed on things like clothing and her fingers often. No fever, though.


K - June 6

Thanks both of you. We had 2 days of the soft stinky poop too DeeD. I'm pretty sure everything was connected to the molars because the minute the last one poked a tip through, her symptoms almost went completely away. All that is left now is a very occasional cough which I'm sure will go away as soon as the top ones are both completely through.


Seredetia - June 7

My daughter is getting 6 teeth at once right now, 3 of them molars. She's not a happy camper and keeps biting me. She's also eating tons of softer food (e.g. we had to give her 3rd food baby food to get anything down). She doesn't have a fever or redness, but she's definitely a cranker.



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