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JEN - September 8

Hey ladies- dh and I are taking our almost 3 year old to Disneyworld on Friday- not a long flight (from Houston, TX), but I am wondering what I should expect since he has never flown before...? He has tubes in his ears, so I am concerned about the presure, also nervous he will get sick or just freak out in general...any advice????


lin7604 - September 9

we took our 14 month old to mexico this past jan adn the flight there was terrible ( not to scare you ) but we need to be prepared just in case..... since your's is a bit older it will be easier to distract him. bring a dvd player with his favorite movies/shows, bring snacks, maybe a new toy or two. Mine at 14 months wasn't really intrested in the dvd yet but this winter it will get a good work out on the plane ! :) for take off for ears make sue they have something to eat/ chew or drink that helps. if he still uses a soother that will help too. mine had a hard time sitting in his seat, as he is a very active boy and wanted t just move around all the time, so on take off and landing or when we hit turbulance he fought us big time and screamed, otherwise he was walking meeting others...... it was sure a long flight.... but on the way home it was a 1am flight and he slept the whole way!!! :)


jessb - September 9

We took our DD on about a 2.5 hour flight when she was 14 months old and it was fine. Bring lots of books, stickers, toys (go to Target or Walmart and buy some cheap little new toys and save them just for the flight that way they are new and exciting), we also had a laptop that plays DVD's and brought some that she liked, so bring whatever movies yours loves. When she was younger we took our flight around her nap time and she fell asleep with me holding her for about an hour. Though now that she is old (2.5 yrs) and yours is 3yr I dont know if that would work, so you might want to schedule a flight when yours will be awake and well rested and not cranky. Bring chewy candy (its and extra special treat) and this will help during take off and landing with the pressure in the ears. Also since yours LO is almost 3 I would just talk about it ahead of time. Explain that you will they will be on a plane with mommy and daddy and will have to sit for a while so you can fly to Disney world. It helps our DD when we explain things to her before hand so she knows what to expect. She acted like she didnt even notice when we were taking off and landing, but she was only 14 months then.


kimberly - September 10

Bring some crayons and coloring books, story books, puzzles,small cars, anything he can sit and play with. Also snacks are a good idea, but keep them healthy because you don't want a sugar hyped up kid on the plane. Most of the time you can get a pillow and blanket but if he has a favorite you may take it. Sometimes they will just fall out. Bring gum for his ears and if you think he will get motion sick then you can buy dramamine (sp?) for motion sickness, but I would call your Dr. and find out how much to give him. Hope you all have fun!


MollieJo - September 10

From someone who has flown with a 3yr old and a 9mo old by myself (oh by the way, I was 6mos pregnant too) :) Take some fruit snacks and some small toys. when the drink cart comes only get water (juice is so messy when it spills). On my son's first flight he started to panic and say he wanted out but I told him about the cart that comes with snacks and drinks and that excited him. You can also pull the shade if he panics. The pressure has only affected us once out of 10 flights and drinking something or chewing gum does the trick. Just relax too, don't worry about other pa__sengers, you have a right to fly with your child.


JEN - September 20

Thanks ladies- the flight and vacation were both great- ds was so excited about the plane trip- turns out he is a thrill-seeker! Just arrived home to begin the clean up after hurricane Ike- we are going to need another vacation by the time this is all said and done...



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