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stefkay - June 20

Hi, I'm new here as my daughter is soon to be 1. Here is my dilemma:Ok, so my almost 12 month old dd had been pretty much sleeping through the night since about 10 mos when we finally let her cry one night for 30 mins. Maybe there was an off night here and there where she woke to cry but went right back to sleep. Suddenly this week she started pulling herself up in her crib to standing and screams till we get her. I was up ALL night last night doing this over and over and over. I am so tired. I am weaning her too and the only way to get her to sleep in the middle of the night is the br___t and I'm not wanting to do that. Her doc says to go cold turkey on the br___t as I'm not feeding her that way much anymore so I just might. Anyways, she cannot get back to laying on her back on her own so that is why I can' jus t let her stand there and cry. What do I do? What have any of you done when they get to this point? I think she can drop to sitting but from there I know she doesn't know how to get to her back lying down. She can get to her tummy but has never slept that way. She knows how to roll from back to tummy, crawls, cruises, sits up, etc. but never rolled from tummy to back if that makes sense. HELP!!!!!!


JulieK - June 22

I don't know if you have a supportive partner or not, but what I did to help with the night weaning was to let my husband go in at night. Both my boys learned pretty quick they weren't going to get what they wanted from and after a few nights they stopped getting up. As far as they crying, I would not speak to her at night, but simply lay her down and rub her belly to calm her, and keep it as dark as possible. As soon as she is calm, leave the room while she is still awake. For a few nights you may need to go in repeatedly, but she will eventually realize you aren't going to stand there by the crib, and will go to sleep. Those fisher price aquariums are also great for helping your child learn to self soothe. Hope I helped.


Ginny - June 22

My tiny lo did the EXACT same thing a couple of weeks ago, and would also pull herself up during naptime. None of us were getting any sleep. I would lay her back down over and over - very frustrating. My husband finally suggested light spanking. I hated to do it because she seems too little. He pointed out that sleep is good for her, and the discipline of popping her chubby little thigh to connect pain with not getting sleep would help her in the long run. It took about 2 days of thigh pops till she understood (stubborn!) I might get some flack for suggesting it, but it did work for us, and Ana is now sleeping through the night. Good luck!


stefkay - June 22

Thanks for your responses! Her dad did go in but she just screamed louder until I came so last night I let her cry and listened on the monitor to see if it sounded worse than a tired cry and it did not so I let it go and she fell back asleep. We peek on her to see if she is in a bad position or stranded so we'll see how it goes. Some nights are worse than others. GINNY, whatever works for you is up to you so I am not going to give flack, I just wouldn't want to do it personally because at this age they are not trying to be defiant, they are actually going through development phases where it is totally natural to practice new skills in the night. Punishing for that is really detrimental for growth and self confidence. I'd read up on some child development books and see what it says. There is some really interesting info about this toddler phase. At this age they are not being "bad" --small children are just experimenting and learning.


DDT - June 27

I agree stefkay. Both my kids went through this phase. It's because they are learning to stand up but haven't figured out the sitting down from standing yet. This phase didn't last longer than a 2-3 weeks. When they cried at night I would go in and use the PU/PD method. Eventually they figure it out.



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